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5 Best Ways to Cut Down Your Honeymoon Expenses

While planning your honeymoon the budget issue seems to be of crucial importance. The question draws a special attention when your honeymoon travel is going to be the first trip together (for some it can easily be the first unassisted travel in their lives).

Naturally, you travel with quite a nice sum of money (again, it is highly probable you had never had such a large amount of money in your hands at once). And it is very easy to yield to numerous tourist temptations which are waiting for you in your honeymoon destination.


In order not to get into a financial trouble and be a smart traveler, try to follow these 5 simple tips:

  1.  A good idea is choosing some all-inclusive packages. It is perhaps the easiest way to have the best control over your budget. Having paid the whole sum in advance you can be sure that your honeymoon vacation will not be spoiled by the unpredicted runout of money. And you can easily plan how to spend the rest of the money on different additional attractions. Actually, it concerns the cruises as well.
  2. If there are different ways to get to your honeymoon destination, it is always better to choose driving than flying to it: you will dramatically cut down on your expenses.
  3. However, if you are going to spend your honeymoon vacation somewhere on the tropic islands or anywhere overseas where you should fly to, always use online services like BookingBuddy to find the best airfare deals. Keep in mind that the flight prices may vary dependently on different factors, even including the day of the week!
  4. If you can choose the time of your honeymoon vacation, try traveling to your destination during the off-season (obviously, not during the hurricane season! – find the happy medium of good weather and reasonable prices).
  5. Finally, never spend money on things which are real “tourist traps”: foods, drinks or phone charger in the airport, souvenirs which are only called cheap, commercial photos, short rides in the horse-drawn carriages etc. It is much wiser to give this money for a romantic dinner in the restaurant, or buying a bottle of a good wine, or (at least) booking a better room in the hotel. Just think for a while, what is better: ordering a breakfast in bed in some, say, affordable hotel or enjoying good service and good view from the room window and having to have breakfast downstairs (by the way, in quite a nice place, too)?

Altogether, the budget of your honeymoon can be easily altered in order to suit you best. The only thing you should know is these small tips which can turn even the newbie tourist into an experienced traveler.

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2 Comments → “ 5 Best Ways to Cut Down Your Honeymoon Expenses ”

  1. Jack

    5 years ago

    Very useful advices! We must spend our honeymoon correct if we want to save this special month in our memory like a brilliant moment of our life! Thanks a lot for your advice, you’re the best!! :)


  2. April

    6 years ago

    Thank you for your valuable advices, which I plan to use for my honeymoon in the near future.  I love your site, full of information that help us choose the best locations for our dream honeymoon holidays.


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