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Acapulco: Regaining Popularity

Once ranked by Life magazine as the Top Jet Resort,  Acapulco was one of the preferred travel destinations for Hollywood stars and international elite. Even though Acapulco’s history spans centuries, its transformations into a first class tourist destination started in the early 1920′s when the bay started being used as a natural setting for Hollywood movies. This famous Mexican balneario attracted  many such famous personalities as Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra.

Once you visit this great destination, you will understand why Acapulco had became synonymous with glamour and luxury - very few resort cities in Latin America offer such an attractive mix of spectacular nature, exciting night life and luxurious accommodations. And despite the fact that this resort’s popularity has been waning in the past few years due to several factors including increasing competition from Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, it seems to be successful at rekindling tourist interest. Moreover, the place has become a wedding and honeymoon destinations for couples all over the world. Acapulco offers all the important features of a beautiful luxury sea resort filled with history.

travel to acapulco

Despite the fact that the most popular activities in Acapulco are relaxing on its multiple beaches and enjoying the city’s rich nightlife, there are a lot of interesting things to do here, such as numerous city tours. There is a host of great guided tours offering you a flexible and affordable sightseeing experience tailored to your specific interests and schedule. May we suggest visiting La Quebrada, a famous cliff diving attraction? You will witness fearless divers who jump from a 125 ft (35 m) high cliff; to avoid shallow waters and peril, the divers have to calculate the precise moment to jump into a large tide wave. In the evenings, this at once chilling and spectacular show becomes even more colorful as divers jump off the cliff holding torches.

Night cityscape of Acapulco

Night cityscape of Acapulco

For nature lovers, the freshwater Coyuca Lagoon is a must see: this spellbinding tropical spot is full of unique flora and fauna. The locale was used as a setting for various tropical adventure movies, including  Rambo II and Tarzan.  For newlyweds who want  learn about local history and culture, we suggest traveling to nearby Taxco. Located only 170 mls away, this quaint place is full of colonial charm and subdued beauty. Follow cobbled streets and winding lanes, step into baroque churches and absorb the beauty of local architecture, rolling hills and mountains.

San Diego Fort Acapulco

San Diego Fort, Acapulco

For those who enjoy themed water activities, the Cici Water Park  is yet another great attraction within the city zone. Situated right in the center of Acapulco, the Park is very popular destination for people of all generations. Here you can learn to swim with dolphins and maybe even steal a kiss from these wonderful creatures, go up in a hot air balloon and enjoy multiple water rides and toboggans.

Romantic Travel to Acapulco

Romantic Travel to Acapulco

Many will agree that no perfect honeymoon vacation is complete without shopping.  Acapulco offers not only great international fashion trends and resort boutiques, but also local crafts inspired by Mexican and Latin American traditions, thus allowing you to reinvest in local economies as well as support and sustain regional culture.  Finally, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs to remind you about the fantastic time you have spent here together.

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  1. Marina

    5 years ago

    A beautiful place! the eden on our earth. but rather far away to go there. and nevertheless some day, perhaps…


  2. Tony

    6 years ago

    How beautiful!!!
    I want to visit that place!
    Really excellent vacation!


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