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It’s obvious that not everybody enjoys lying on the sandy beach basking in the heat of the sun and drinking cocktails or dipping in the warm tropical waters.

Naturally, there are many newlywed couples who want to spend their honeymoon in a romantic place where they won’t get baked under the scorching sun.

If you don’t like such places, or you can’t stand hot temperatures for the medical reasons, Alaska will be the ideal honeymoon destination for you. Of course, there are numerous cruises which carry their passengers along the coasts of Alaska. But a cruise cannot give you a possibility to experience the unique atmosphere of this magic land.

romantic honeymoon destination

Of course, Alaska is famous for its glaciers. So why not visit the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve? It is perhaps the only place where you can have the possibility to explore numerous icebergs and glaciers – the view of these tons of ice is just stunning. Not only this glacial landscape will make your honeymoon unforgettable, but different species of fauna will really amaze you. You can see this ice fairy-tale only in two places:  either here or via the TV.

Actually, you can also practice different winter sports here, up to your taste: from hiking and snowmobiling to ice fishing and sea kayaking.

Romantic honeymoon vacation in Alaska

Romantic honeymoon vacation in Alaska

Whale watching is another activity popular with tourists here. Many people say it is even more breathtaking than watching the pyramids and other hand-made wonders. These giants really impress you – and you start understanding the whole world another way. Watch these massive creatures shooting the spouts of water while exhaling, and consuming billions of tiny organisms. Another lesson of the Mother Nature – the biggest creatures live only owing to the smallest ones.

In general, your honeymoon in Alaska will be the unique and unforgettable experience – way better than traveling to different tropical destinations.

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2 Comments → “ Alaska ”

  1. Helen

    6 years ago

    Wonderfull! I would like to visit this place!


  2. Kane

    6 years ago

    When you hear the word Alaska you always feel strong wind and cold weather. I love my family and we all are sick and tired of our routine weekends and vacations. I told them they’ll have a surprise in March. I took all of them and we went to Alaska to breathe the clean air and to see the Iditarod trail Sled Dog Race.
    My little daughter Suzy enjoys animals, especially dogs. That’s why we have bought Butch (beautiful and stupid Husky dog), which we love and also took with us to this trip.
    We came to the Anchorage city. We stayed at Clarion Suites Downtown. This hotel was good enough for our budget. Anchorage city is not as beautiful as our native Los Angeles but the air here is MUCH better. Here, in Anchorage, you can enjoy a great view of mountains. We saw a start of the annual Iditarod trail Sled Dog Race. It was incredible to see so much clever and strong dogs with their brave masters, which know how to pass this hard and difficult distance from Anchorage to Nome. Dog Race continues for 7-15 days. Now we have the best photos in our traveling family album. Alaska is an extreme but unbelievable destination. We all enjoyed it!


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