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Amazing honeymoon in Honduras

From the ancient times this territory has been the home of different cultures, climates and natural conditions. Some people think that the Bible describes this particular place when describing the Garden of Eden. Other just know that there is no better place to have a great time. Lots of couples consider it the best possible place for a honeymoon vacation. This is Honduras, a small but very diverse country which attracts thousands of people monthly all the year round.

First of all, you can choose Honduras as your honeymoon travel destination and only then decide what you want from it. If you like relaxing on the sandy beach with a glass of your favorite cocktail in your hand, then head to the northeast of the mainland or the Caribbean-like Bay Islands.

romantic honduras

If you want to take up diving or master your scuba diving skills, travel to the Roatan Island or the Utila island. These places are frequently considered the true paradise for divers. If you are not in the mood for scuba diving you can choose snorkeling or sea kayaking. Or you may want to try ‘em all!

At the same time, if you want to add some historical and enigmatic slant to your romantic honeymoon vacation, visit the Copan ruins in the west of the country. The mysterious atmosphere of this ancient Mayan spot will definitely leave an unforgettable impression and lots of exciting pictures which you will take during the tour.

honduras exotic honeymoon

Whether you are city dwellers and rarely see any animals except of domestic or you are farmers and deal with cattle, you will be definitely surprised with the abundance of exotic flora and fauna in Honduras. Have a stroll in the rainforests here and wonder at wild cats, monkeys, crocodiles and hundreds of different birds. Have an unforgettable experience of swimming with whale sharks (do not get frightened: they are harmless and quite friendly) near the Utila Island.

There are so many possibilities to have a great honeymoon in Honduras! Create your own, unique vacation which will last in your memories forever.

traveling to Honduras

Travel to Honduras

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