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Amazing New Zealand

This country, which is considered to be a very interesting place for tourists, consists from two large and several small islands in the Pacific Ocean. We speak about New Zealand. It has one more name — Aotearoa. It means a long white cloud. It sounds mysterious, isn’t it? Why? The long islands of New Zealand are often cloudcapped because of volcano activity and they really look like a long white cloud.

Young couples often come here to spend their honeymoon vacations . It seems they are not mistaken.  During your honeymoon trips you for sure will discover the country’s highlights. Create your own perfect New Zealand honeymoon travel by comparing prices, reading reviews and finding fascinating honeymoon resorts.

new zealand honeymoon

To begin with, New Zealand is a mountainous country with many peaks and streams which rush down the slopes. That is why visitors can always admire numerous waterfalls and wonderful lakes. It is great to watch glaciers which descend from the Mount Cook, for example. Such natural phenomena are not seen almost anywhere else. Glaciers descend almost to the sea level here!

It will be very interesting to stay in one of the hotels on the North Island. This place is full of boiling geysers. The tour operators will organize guided tours to one of the volcanoes, Edmond or Tongariro. They are really worth watching! They are so far and so close at the same time. It’s a fantastic and a very picturesque sight!

Romantic New Zealand

Romantic New Zealand

You will be pleased by well-equipped sandy beaches. You will find various activities there to do. Everything is for you. Even New Zealand’s climate welcomes you. It is mild and maritime. And it is good. Though the weather often changes, you will enjoy plenty of sunshine. Keep in your mind that in most parts of the country the temperature is above 21 degrees in summer. Have an excellent rest here. It depends only on you!

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