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Surprisingly, very little people know that Amsterdam is an exciting and interesting honeymoon destination.

This city allows you to make the most of it: enjoy the high-quality entertainment industry as well as spend romantic evenings with your new spouse. You will be surprised to discover that it’s a perfect place for your honeymoon.

What can be better for a person interested in sightseeing than Amsterdam? Have a stroll through a city and on no account forget about visiting the houses nearby the Dam square: they are only 40 inches wide!

Amsterdam after sunset

Amsterdam after sunset

A rich system of canals turns your evening stroll into a romantic trip around the city in the rays of the sunset. Enjoy breathtaking scenery of the city, watch its architecture and forget about all your hectic troubles here!

Lots of parks and gardens seem to be designed especially for the couples seeking for romantic lonely places.

After exploring its parks you may want to find out more in the city’s museums. If you are a museum-goer, Amsterdam will seem a heaven to you, as it is really furnished with that stuff. Don’t miss the museum of Van Gogh with its unusual painting on the roof and a huge collection of paintings and historical documents.

Furthermore, it is a must to visit the Amsterdam Brown coffee cafes where you will be offered a delicious cup of coffee you like.

Romantic Amsterdam

Romantic Amsterdam

Actually, Amsterdam has a rich nightlife, so you will never get bored if you want to entertain yourselves.

You’ll never be befuddled on where to stay in Amsterdam. The city offers a wide variety of hotels to suit each and every taste and budget. If you want to spend your honeymoon in a luxurious atmosphere you can book a room in the Hilton or the Hotel Accro. If you are looking for a less expensive option, consider the Euphemia Hotel.

Of course, the best choice is to book a honeymoon package and not to get bothered by the problems of choice and comparison: everything you need will be prepared for you.

All things considered, no matter how long will you stay in Amsterdam, you will not want your honeymoon trip to end. Amsterdam is a perfect place to start your life as a married couple.

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3 Comments → “ Amsterdam ”

  1. Van Gogh Museum is extremely interesting not only for paintings of the famous artist but also for its building.
    Great place to be with a young wife on holiday!


  2. Nickey

    6 years ago

    My wife and I went to Amsterdam in spring. We stayed in the College Hotel. It was a real surprise for us. This hotel is being served by students of Hotel Management School! They are very enthusiastic and do their best. So the atmosphere in the hotel was joyful and friendly. The hotel is stylish and modern. But some rooms have no real baths as it is located in an old school building. We lived in a room with a bath and a nice view on the city. In order to explore the city we took a ride on a bicycle. We were impressed with parks, gardens, lots of tulips, canals, ancient buildings and museums. I think they are the main attractions of Amsterdam. We visited theRijksmuseum with its collection of many masterpiece paintings of Dutch and world art. Van Gogh Museum is extremely interesting not only for paintings of the famous artist but also for its building. I can say that Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and offers a wide variety of activities. I’m sure we’ll come there again.


  3. Douglas

    6 years ago

    Great place to be with a young wife on holiday!
    We went at last day to museum Van Gogh and it was so exciting! And the tour over the river was very memorable, especially the Museum of Nemo. Cool cofee shop :)
    Amsterdam has an extensive all day breakfast menu and for lunch they also offer simple sandwiches, wraps and burgers. It was not cool for us, so we ate out in a small cafe in Kerkstraat street. Oh, I had almost forgotten – Graffiti and Street Art in the city are perfect! Near the center of the city there are many shops with goats’ and cows’ cheese. Night Amster is very comfortable and light, mornings very positive and fresh.
    If you want to stay in Amster for a few months I recommend you Hotel Casa 400 in Eerste Ringdijkstraat street4. Best weekend!


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