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The so-called “ABC trio” (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) has always been a desirable destination not only for honeymooners, but also for everyone who want to have an unforgettable, active and enjoyable rest.

Aruba, the first island on this brief list, is frequently called a true heaven on earth. Being one of the top 10 Caribbean destinations, it fully deserves the praise it is given. Unusually dry, always windy and full of attractions, this island is full of tourists the whole year round. Or maybe it is a special magic of the local divi-divi tree which lures all those crowds of tourists?

Owing to the constant winds the island is a favorite place of surfers: they are traveling to Aruba to practice and have tons of fun. Actually, in this fantastically diverse honeymoon destination you can experience a large number of different watersports. Snorkeling is a very good idea here (actually, like in St. Martin), as well as scuba diving. But why not try also water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking or wakeboarding?

aruba honeymoon

Golf, the sport of millionaires, is available for you year round on Aruba. There are several golf courses which will satisfy even the most whimsical player. What is more, the winds which are always blowing across the island make the game even more interesting!

Aruba is also sometimes considered to be the second Las Vegas. The island is widely known by its casinos which you can find here and there. As far as you’ve understood, gambling is a very popular activity here. But watch out! Always have a fixed sum of money you are going to spend here (yes, even if you’re going to hit the jackpot this time).

Aruba cheap packages

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Finally, traveling to Aruba is good anytime. However, if you are afraid of short rains, try not to visit the island from October to December. All the other time the weather is dry, with a constant breeze and temperature around 80°F. So, don’t be afraid of the bad weather – just go and start packing your suitcases!

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  1. Sam

    6 years ago

    Yes, Aruba is a fantastic place. It is simply the ideal romantic destination. Its beaches are stunning and there is a wide range of entertainment options. I can’t wait to go back there!! Thank you for sharing!!


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