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Bahamas: Heavenly Place For Two

The Islands of the Bahamas instantly captivate you with their comfortable ease and unspoiled nature. Whether you visit them for a Caribbean island destination wedding or a romantic honeymoon, the Bahamas welcome you! Since there are 23 major inhabited islands and hundreds of smaller remote islets and cays (pronounced like “keys”), you will never be bored – there are simply too many things to explore and see. Considering the fact that there are different places to stay and things to do, picking the right ones can be tough and turn into a time-consuming and tiresome process. Thankfully, to make your life easy, our readers have shared their experiences of choosing the best Bahamas destination with the MarryGoAround staff!

Did you know that the port of Nassau which is located on New Providence Island was once ruled by the pirates in the early 1700′s? While you won’t find any traces of Captain Jack Sparrow, you will be entertained and educated on a fascinating history of piracy at the world-famous Nassau Pirate Museum and Tour.  After the visit to the museum, you should go to the nearby Arawak Cay that houses an extremely popular hangout frequented by the tourists and locals alike; the spot features amazing fresh food, ethnic festivals, music and dance. You should definitely try Fish Fry which is a local seafood meal accompanied by various tasty home-made side dishes and live entertainment.  Never ever miss  a chance to enjoy the local cuisine! Another great attraction of this spot is its affordability- expect generous servings, low prices and friendly atmosphere. 

bahamas honeymoon underwater

It is not surprising that you can experience any imaginable water activity here in the Bahamas. Have you ever wondered what if would be like to swim with dolphins, scuba diving in the 3rd largest reef system in the world or kayaking through mangroves? The Islands have it all.  Scuba diving is available for everybody, and experienced instructors are ready to assist beginners and professionals. Diving in the Bahamas is a sheer joy as the region boasts crystal clear waters with great visibility (up to 200 feet!) and lots of interesting things to explore underwater, such as an awe-inspiring “March of the Lobsters” that happens annually in November. In addition, the Islands are know for their underwater caves and a truly unique “Blue Holes” diving. From above the water, these look like dark spots in the waters, but in reality these are flooded caves with (partially) collapsed ceilings. Dean’s Blue Hole is one of the deepest underwater caves at 663 ft deep. It is exciting not only to explore the sea under the water level but also on its surface by sailing and hopping from one island to another. Numerous boats and yachts are waiting for you to step aboard and enjoy sailing on indigo-coloured waters and feeling the breeze gently caressing your body.

Why explore only sea activities? Take a wildlife tour through the jungle and adore the variety and beauty of all those land, air and water creatures living in the thick tropical forests.  In spite of popular belief,  the Bahamas attract thousands of visitors because of its landscape and scenery.  No review of the Bahamas can be complete without including a few words about the Island of Great Inagua and its Lake Windsor. The Lake is a reserve for the Bahamas’ national bird- graceful and beautiful orange flamingoes. Near extinct, the birds have chosen this location as their nesting site.  This surprisingly romantic species lay only one egg per mating season. To fully experience the Island’s fauna, including hummingbirds, flamingos ad rare turtles, you should definitely take Flamingo and Turtle tours.

romantic traveling to bahamas


In other words, anywhere you look, you will be left with unforgettable impressions and sweet memories!

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