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Berlin: Explore, Rest and Enjoy

If you want to spend your honeymoon vacation exploring Germany, the best starting point has to be Berlin. It can be safely claimed that no other city in Central Europe has experienced so many frequent and radical changes in a relatively short period: transformed from a medieval trading post to the royal capital,  Berlin became a cosmopolitan center that attracted the bright and the creative minds, it turned into an imperial capital of the Third Reich, torn into two apart and finally reunited and rebuilt into the new modern world capital.

Thousands of historical events of the global importance took place in this city, each one leaving its eternal mark on the city’s soul and architecture.  Many of the older buildings are scarred by the bullets and shrapnel, remnants of the WWII; many of these buildings  used to belong to the Soviet-controlled  East Berlin and due to the lack of funds, they were either demolished or never properly restored; however, since the city was unified more than two decades ago, a lot of effort has gone into creating a new image of the city. Most Berlin visitors are amazed by the atmosphere of the city which blends the past and the present in a unique way.  As a tourist, you will not be disappointed by this impressive honeymoon destination.

The city is a perfect destinations for history and art admirers. The most difficult thing will be to decide where to start and what places to explore. Museums, historic buildings, art galleries, monuments, cathedrals and many more things are waiting for you here. Of course, whether you are interested in history or not, such famous place as the Berlin Wall cannot be omitted during your vacation in Berlin. Some of the most famous attractions include: The Reichstag building which was designed and built at the end of the 19th century (make sure to tour its world-famous new dome made of glass and steel); the Tierpark and The Berlin Zoological Garden, one of the oldest zoos in Germany; The Brandebrug Gate; the historic Nikolaiviertel (Nikolai quarter) with the oldest church of Berlin, the Nikolai-Kirche; Unter Den Linden, a famous linden tree boulevard; the Pergamon museum that houses one of the best collections of the classical art including the head of Nefertiti; Bellevue Castle, the residence of the federal president, and other exciting places.

romantic berlin

But if you are not a history or art buff do not think that Berlin is old-fashioned or boring ; the city is famous for its entertainment and night clubs.  When it comes to clubbing,  Berlin rivals New York, so be prepared. The good thing is that going out will not break your bank; just make sure to pace yourself.  If you get fed up with all those city attractions and start dreaming about one of the tropical vacations, cheer up! You’re definitely in the right place. Just 37 miles south of Berlin there is the biggest indoor water park in the world called Tropical Islands. It is so large that the Statue of Liberty can freely fit inside it and eight soccer fields can fit in its territory. The temperature stays around 77°F, and the water temperature varies from 82 to 88°F, and there is even the under-floor heating, so you will never feel uncomfortable here.  You can find more information about the Tropical Islands on their official site.

berlin tropical islands

All in all, Berlin is a good place for a honeymoon vacation not only because there are a lot of things to see and do, but also because you can find lots of cheap honeymoon packages during all seasons. You’ll definitely gain a lot of great experiences here.

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