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Boracay Honeymoon Vacation

Undoubtedly, you want to spend your honeymoon vacation in the best place in the world. What about the best beach resort? For example, the best one in Asia?

Traveling to Boracay is a perfect way to indulge in a perfect time of sunbathing and sipping your cold cocktail on the warm white beach under a palm tree together with your new beloved spouse.

After choosing the Boracay Island as your honeymoon travel destination you should consider searching for some cheap honeymoon packages offered by the hotels of the island. There is an important thing which you should remember (and which concerns almost all kinds of packages), the earlier you book your package, the less money you should consequently pay.

cheap honeymoon packages Boracay

There are actually lots of hotels with various prices offering a wide range of possibilities to suite your taste and budget. And of course, here you will be able to choose one of those cheap honeymoon packages which will suit you best.

It is said that the best time for traveling to Boracay is a period from March till May. However, this little traveling tip is known by a vast majority of tourists, that’s why it can be a bit crowdy there during that time.

Actually, this is a “classical” honeymoon travel destination which allows you to enjoy the marine beauty of this heavenly place. It will be quite easy to find a secluded place where you will be able to enjoy the perfect Philippine sceneries and yourselves. Don’t forget to enjoy the sunsets here! They are really unforgettable.

Honeymoon vacation in Boracay

Honeymoon vacation in Boracay

In search of a bit more active honeymoon, why not try those numerous water activities which are widely offered, like scuba diving? Or try kitesurfing? Or just imagine yourself the explorers of the island and discover it as much as possible (quite interesting activity – you’ll definitely find lots of romantic places during your explorations).

To sum up, Boracay is a perfect spot for your honeymoon vacation, especially if you want to recharge your batteries on its pristine beaches and just relax and have fun.

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2 Comments → “ Boracay Honeymoon Vacation ”

  1. Lupe

    6 years ago

    I enjoy travelling. Especially to islands. When I first heard about Boracay I started Google it up. I find not expensive but unreally peaceful and comfortable small hotel with the homely atmosphere. Arwana Boracay Hotel. I and my best friend went there for 2 weeks at summer. There I was impressed because of a few things. It was much better than I thought and the owner gave me additional discount because I booked it earlier. The color of sand was white as shown on pictures. I didn’t know but this place is one of the best places to start surfing. You don’t know where to go? Try Boracay Island.


  2. Lily

    6 years ago

    Boracay is a perfect place to make a wedding ceremony and to spend the most valuable time together there. This island is romantic in all ways. When I and my husband decided to travel together to this destination we had great expectations from this vacation. Especially for me, this is a White Island. Please don’t think that I am a racist. You can find a white beach on the island and this beach is 4km long. We stayed at Asya Premier Suites. This hotel will easily open you the view on the perfect white beach because it is situated right in the heart of it. The staff was working on a high level, and design of this hotel was comfortable and home-oriented. So if you go there don’t forget to take more money with you, because you will like this place and you can probably forget when your flight is.


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