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Bright Montenegro Honeymoon

Perhaps you want to spend your honeymoon somewhere in Europe, absorbing that unforgettable atmosphere of historical glory and culture. What is more, you want to have it all during your honeymoon vacation: mountains, lakes, rivers and the seaside. In addition, if you are daring enough, you want it to be as cheap as possible. Don’t ask about such destination your friends, travel agents or anybody. They will tell you to forget about these childish all-inclusive dreams.

Ask us. We will advise you to travel to Montenegro. After having become an independent state in 2006, this romantic destination is getting more and more popular among tourists throughout the world.

cheap honeymoon montenegro

Frequently called ‘The pearl of the Mediterranean’, Montenegro is a perfect honeymoon destination for those who revel in natural beauty and luxurious comfort. Don’t forget to take your camera with you and make sure there’s enough space for tons of pictures: every landscape here is a postcard-worthy view.

By the way, the local mountains are famous not only for giving the name for the country (in Montenegrin, the name of the country means ‘The Land of Black Mountains’), but for their touristic appeal. Hikers are fond of traveling to Montenegro in summer, and skiers have the time of their lives here in winter.

romantic montenegro honeymoon

While traveling to Montenegro for a romantic honeymoon mind that there is only one international airport in the country, located in Podgorica. However, it is not available for the discount airlines, so in your search of cheap honeymoon packages you can choose arriving to Dubrovnik and Split (both cities are located in Croatia). You can easily get to Montenegro from Croatia owing to the developed bus system, so you will never have problems with commuting.

After you have arrived, immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the country. Explore the ancient walls of Kotor, stroll along the Durmitor National Park, admire at the Skadar Lake – the biggest one in the Balkans… and, of course, enjoy yourselves on the sunny beaches and in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea.

exotic honeymoon montenegro

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