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If you want to turn your honeymoon into an adventure, traveling to Cambodia will justify all your hopes.

Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, located at the confluence of the Mekong, Ton Le Sap and Bassac rivers, is the modern city that can provide you with all the necessary accommodations and conveniences. Centuries ago this city was called “the Pearl of Asia”. During the colonial age Phnom Penh was the most beautiful city in French Indo-Chinese colonies. And you may feel the unique atmosphere of the capital of ancient Khmer Kingdom just sitting in the restaurants’ old buildings, buying souvenirs at the local markets, taking a stroll along the riverside, tasting national Cambodian food, visiting the Royal Palace…

Sunset over Angkor Temples

Sunset over Angkor Temples

But noteworthy Cambodian capital is only a starting point. The main landmarks the country has become famous for are grandiose and breathtaking Angkor Temples. This Hindu temple complex in addition to being the symbol of Cambodia is the largest one in the world. The country proved its reputation as a tourist destination due to the special attractiveness of Angkor Wat for visitors. This temple complex built in 12th century is apt for being a honeymoon travel destination as well.

Of course, ancient temples are very important point of your traveling to Cambodia, but not the only one. You will definitely remember your honeymoon if you go south to the developing resorts of Sihanoukville. Its beaches are much more unspoiled than those in neighboring countries, for example Vietnam. You may completely escape from the civilization renting a bungalow on one of the 61 islands in waters of the Gulf of Thailand. These islands are almost undeveloped and as a result are the right place for those who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

cambodia honeymoon

What is more, there are some places that can get special attention of venturesome newlyweds. They are the Cardamom Mountains, which can be considered as the last true wilderness remaining in South East Asia, and Koh Kong with its untamed jungles.

Therefore Cambodia is a suitable honeymoon travel destination for people who like exotic and beautiful sites – they won’t be disappointed.

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4 Comments → “ Cambodia ”

  1. ivan

    4 years ago

    Cambodia is really mystical and dangerous place. I like them!


  2. Vasiliy Senin

    6 years ago

    Very good photos of the sunset over the Angkor Temples! I like them!


  3. Jack

    6 years ago

    Cambodia is a rather nice and exotic place to have a rest or honeymoon, as for me. What you can be sure about – it will be something you’ve never experienced before. We went to Sihanoukville for a corporative meeting. That’s a pretty good place. Nice beach, the water is clean. It was January but the weather was fine. The service also pleased a lot, as we stayed at a 4-star hotel, unfortunately don’t remember the name…
    On our way back we had a possibility to stay a day at Siem Reap. What’s the most important there is tuk-tuki, in other words local taxi. They offer to take you the hotel for only 1 dollar. I’d advise you not to hesitate it, as it would be difficult to get anywhere without them.


  4. George

    6 years ago

    Cambodia is really mystical and dangerous place. If you would like to go there for honeymoon don’t forget to meet sunrise together near water or in the mountains because sunrise is amazing there. Also there is a wide variety of plants and animals. Just look at the pictures, which are above and imagine that in the real life you can touch the water, feel the wind and hear the sounds of wild life in that magnificent place :)
    But frankly saying, you can meet a lot of problems with protecting yourself from different insect attacks and bites. That’s why I told that it can be dangerous. First of all, you need to make your health diagnostics and after that to do all injections to protect yourself. All necessary information you can find here: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/cambodia.htm


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