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Cambridge: old middle-aged city

 Greetings to everyone! I am going on traveling and informing you about great places in the world.

I continued to explore the English land and my following destination was Cambridge. This big city is famous for its great Cambridge university and splendid students’ life.

It took me three hours to reach Cambridge, I was traveling by comfortable coach – such a popular means of transport in whole England. During my trip to Cambridge I managed to talk to some guys who lived in Cambridge. They gave me some useful ideas what I had to do in Cambridge to have a great time. I was very grateful to them and made some notes.

When I finally arrived, I saw nothing special. Anyway, I reached my hostel in the city center, threw some unnecessary things onto my bed and rushed to explore the new place.

I was strolling through the central streets with lots of shops, little cozy cafes, and of course, crowds of tourists. I was very hungry and a bit tired after my morning trip, so I immediately decided to drop into one of those lovely cafes to have some English breakfast. Without even looking through the menu, I ordered a breakfast and a cup of tea. When my breakfast was brought to me, I wasn’t surprised: there were fried eggs with bacon, vegetables, toasts with jam and a cup of English tea. It was delicious. I was sitting there for a while, charging my iPhone with Volts Lightning Cable and went to broaden my horizons.

I read a lot that everyone has to visit the territory of Cambridge University (it is made up of some colleges that are situated in different places) with its beautiful views. First of all, I decided to go there – and I didn’t regret.

One by one, I was visiting the territories of Trinity College, St. John’s College, Queen’s College, King’s College. It took me much more than an hour to visit them all. They all were very similar to each other (old gothic buildings with stained-glass windows, big area with green grass and water near it, architectural monuments in the middle of the green area) , but the beauty of those places charmed me, I was impressed and I had such a feeling that I traveled back in time to the Middle Ages. I imagined myself as one of the knights of the Round Table. It was worth to spend a lot of time walking around the whole territory.

It began to grow dark. The city was sparkling, the musicians were playing guitars and singing romantic songs. I was strolling through the night city, searching for the place to simply drink some ginger wine with apple pie. I found such a place. Sitting outside I was thinking over my great journey. It was fantastic to observe all these places. I thought how lucky the students of Cambridge University are to study at this wonderful place. I was relaxed and ready to conquer other places, but it was already late night, so I left all those places for the next day.


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