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Can Washigton DC be romantic?

Washington DC, an iconic tourist attraction, lures more and more tourists each year. Do you think there is nothing more interesting and eye-catching in this city except of the White House? Then you’re definitely wrong. Washington DC is a perfect destination both for your whole honeymoon vacation and as a part of your romantic honeymoon tour.

When you arrive to this city, you cannot but feel its majesty and charm, as this is the heart of the whole United States. This great city is always in the center of public attention, and being here you feel like getting in the public eye yourselves.

Washington is rich in interesting places and eye-candy looks. For example, you have definitely heard about the city’s beauty at night. Doubtless, that’s true. Perhaps you’ve never seen anything more beautiful than the city’s monuments and its unforgettable architecture at night, illuminated by the moonlight.

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

Just imagine this romantic stroll with you holding the hand of your beloved and listening to the echo of your steps down the deserted street. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

Then, why not take a romantic dinner cruise on a Potomac River and enjoy the views of DC and that unforgettable feel of participation in the great history of the great city?

Romantic Voyage on the Potomac River

Romantic Voyage on the Potomac River

Naturally, no visit to Washington DC can be really worthy without visiting the Capitol (you can take a tour inside from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and enjoying the view of the Capitol Hill.

Did we mention the White House? No doubt it will be the first thing you’d love to see here. Take some photos and have a calm stroll in the nearby Freedom Park.

romantic washington

And one more thing: National Mall is not a shopping center! Nevertheless visiting it is a must: you will not only enjoy walking around here, but will have a great opportunity to satisfy your cultural hunger in numerous museums and art galleries.

All in all, Washington DC is a perfect honeymoon travel destination as well as an unforgettable spot for visiting during your American honeymoon tour!

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