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Romantic Capri Honeymoon

If you celebrate the beginning of your new life together in Italy, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Capri, a small Italian island on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Since ancient times this island was regarded as a beautiful sea resort; in fact,  Roman emperor Tiberius built several villas there. One of them, Villa Jovis, is one of the best preserved Roman villas in Italy.

But the beauty of the island has never depreciated: these days Capri is extremely popular among tourists from all over the world, in addition to being peerless honeymoon travel destination.

Why is it so?

First of all, it is one of the most romantic places in Italy.  An ideal choice for a great honeymoon, isn’t it? Marvelous landscapes will expand before your eyes when you go up in the chairlift to Monte Solaro… City of Capri will reveal its secrets when you take a walk through its streets … The famous Grotta Azzurra, also known as the Blue Grotto, will definitely impress you greatly (once it was the nymphaeum of Emperor Tiberius)…And, of course, there are many other places to wander with during your honeymoon vacation in Capri. The fact is that the best way to explore the treasures of the island is by boat. For example, you can reach the Blue Grotto or enjoy the magnificent view of Arco Naturale only this way. Quiet floating on the island’s azure blue sea past hidden sea caves and coves in addition to exceptional evenings in Capri’s restaurants will be an ideal combination for unforgettably romantic honeymoon.

The Blue Grotto

Secondly, during your honeymoon vacation in Capri you may experience one of the best spa treatments in the world – not without reason Capri was called “heeling island”. Capri is the honeymoon travel destination that combines a great deal of places of interest (despite the fact that the island is quite small) and places where you can relax and just forget about the whole world except your beloved.

By the way, if you want to have good relaxation mind the time that is appropriate for visiting the island. Summer is the best, of course, but Capri is usually overcrowded by tourists at that time. But, as the island has mild Mediterranean climate, it is possible to visit Capri during the whole year.

romantic honeymoon in Capri hotels

And last but not least, the island can offer happy honeymooners a wide choice of hotels – for any taste and budget. If you don’t want to stay in crowded Capri, you may choose a hotel in Anacapri, small town just 15 minute  drive by car from Capri itself. The prices there also tend to be cheaper.

Anyway, Capri is a real “touch of class”. This magic place became a great honeymoon resort for a reason – and it is really worth visiting!

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2 Comments → “ Romantic Capri Honeymoon ”

  1. Dima

    5 years ago


    In the morning, when waking up the bottom,
    Cold sea by your hand
    Draws closer and sprays saliva
    To dispel coastal tranquility.
    Stele stones, crawling on the sand,
    Stokes desperately wounded birds.
    A beautiful sea on the shore,
    Deeper – sparkles pupils killers.
    I bury our hands in the sand,
    Fingers go numb, not feeling the firmament.
    Sea, splinter their votes,
    Do not allow the bottom of the watch.
    Does not give gems
    Does not separate people from animals,
    Crave to get to land quickly,
    Not to be angry underwater kings.
    Splashing fish near the water’s edge
    White sailboat floating away …
    Only a master of the underwater environment
    He knows that it will not reach the ground.
    Fish catch poor old fisherman,
    Network strangled votknetsya anchor.
    The king did not approve of such a trifle.
    So on the ground about him saying.
    In the morning, when waking up the bottom,
    Moaning wind, the waves push,
    Promised myself to only one thing -
    Do not worry almighty surface.


  2. Nina

    6 years ago

    These are very beautiful places. I would love to visit Capri…


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