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Charleston, SC

If you want to have a romantic honeymoon, why should you search for some exotic locations overseas? Look around – a lot of places in the US offer various cheap honeymoon packages, which are sometimes even better than those far away from home.

A perfect example of such honeymoon destination is Charleston, a small city in South Carolina, the romantic atmosphere of which is widely known not only within the US, but also around the world.

And no wonder – the cobbled streets with the horse-drawn carriages riding along them can’t but charm couples seeking for a place where they will spend their romantic honeymoon. A special charm of this southern city with its numerous historical buildings and unforgettable atmosphere will never make you feel sorry for visiting this honeymoon destination.  If you are interested in history, the pre-war houses of this colonial city can tell you long stories about what they’ve seen. And the ancient oaks in the parks of Charleston will generously give you their shades, in the same way as they gave it centuries ago.

charleston honeymoon

Photo in or around Charleston, South Carolina by Daniel Mayer

While planning your honeymoon in Charleston keep in mind that traveling to here is best during spring or autumn, when you can enjoy mild temperatures and bright and vivid colors of the nature. However, you can enjoy the best prices in this city during winter and summer seasons.

Actually, the first thing one should do here is a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage through some historic districts of the city (e.g., the Battery district).

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about exploring the city on foot, as Charleston, as well as any other old city has lots of places which can be discovered and seen only during the walking tour.

Why to explore the city? There are lots of examples of perfect Georgian architecture, which are quite precious for real history admirers.

romantic honeymoon in charleston

If you think that the only think worth doing in Charleston at night is sleeping, then you’ve never been told about special ghost tours held in the evenings. There you will find out tons of interesting information about the haunted past of the city.

Don’t forget about a voyage over the Charleston Harbor – there are special ships which offer you perfect opportunities to have a romantic time together on board.

All in all, Charleston is a perfect place not only to find some cheap honeymoon packages, but also to have a perfect romantic honeymoon which will be a perfect start of your new life.

charleston ghost tour

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3 Comments → “ Charleston, SC ”

  1. Hank

    6 years ago

    I live in Charleston for three years and I can say this city is peaceful and pretty quiet. Also, Charleston is famous with the College of Charleston that was founded in 1770. It is really a prestigious place to study. So if right now you are choosing where it will be better to study for your children, Charleston is a great answer for your question.


  2. HappyAnimals

    6 years ago

    [censored] this place! Go to Costa Rica!)


  3. Kirk

    6 years ago

    I was at Charleston as a visitor for one day. My company sends me there to hold a couple of meetings. I didn’t know what place should I choose to make my meetings successful. I decided to learn more about this big city and eventually I decided to make meetings at Cypress Gardens.
    This place is completely different. At this peaceful garden you can easily find harmony with yourself and with world around you. If I was a coach of Yoga I will open Yoga open-air center right at the center of Cypress Garden :)
    You know I spent a few hours inside this park and after that my first meeting was incredible. Even our partner from Charleston opened this place for him from another side. Water, trees and birds inspire one for creativity, for new achievements and new genius ideas.
    By the way, the second meeting was on the high level too!!! Do you know where it was?)
    Of course, at Cypress Gardens in the Charleston сity.


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