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Chile: Diversity And Beauty

Talking about Eco Tourism Honeymoon, The Republic of Chile, a narrow strip stretching along almost the entire continent of South America, is a “petal of the waves, the wind, and snow.” An ancient legend says that after the creation of the world in the hands of the God there were the most diverse elements: sand, volcanoes, ores, trees, rivers, deserts, fjords, glaciers and valleys. And it was decided to put together all these riches of nature in one place, “on the edge of the earth… where the long ridge coming down to the sea.” And this place was called “Chile”, which in language of one of the tribes living there meant “where the land ends.”

If tropics seem a bit trite to you, then Chile would be an excellent choice for not only a romantic, but also an adventurous honeymoon. Chile is one of the most striking and beautiful countries in South America. It is also one of the very few Latin American countries that boasts political stability and mature economy making the country a safe place to visit.

chile honeymoon

According to the World Economic Forum, Chile is a country with the most robust and competitive economy in Latin America occupying #20 place in the world rankings according to these indicators. Chileans proudly say about their country calling it “beautiful, really beautiful from Arica to the Chilean Antarctic, beautiful majestic Andes and the vast ocean, shrouded in myths and legends of Easter Island and the island of Chiloe, our nature is quite diverse, full of surprises, but beautiful, and seeing our country once, you will surely want to come back, and to stay with us forever”.

For supporters of active recreational sports Republic of Chile is the best fit. During your honeymoon in Chile you have the opportunity to try out different sports. Virtually any resort in Chile offers mountaineering or rock climbing, hiking, surfing, windsurfing or mountain biking.

Chile is an amazing country that has mountains more than 6 000 meters high, varied landscapes, snow-capped volcanoes and deep rivers.

honeymoon in chile

Chilean primeval landscapes and varied: hot dry Atacama Desert extends to the north, the mountains in South Patagonia and Torres del National Park Paine strikes with special wilderness and dazzling beauty. Climb volcanoes, walk along the vineyards, explore the glaciers, geysers and lakes – these are just a few examples of the numerous opportunities for the newlyweds in Chile. This is where you can purchase amazing tours to Antarctica and Easter Island.

Going to Chile for their honeymoon, newlyweds should definitely visit the famous Chilean Easter Island, which will open your eyes to the mysterious stone statues. You will also have the unique opportunity to visit the iconic volcanoes, and see traces of a vanished ancient culture.

The country’s climate is quite varied, powerful currents created several climatic zones in the coastal Chile, which in turn, allows tourists to visit the country year-round.

Chile is a country of amazing scenery and incendiary rhythms. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the folk songs and dances, such as Samakueka, couple dance, pantomime-like love and lyrical Tanada. If you go to a wedding Journey in Chile, be sure to visit the valley of Colchagua.

chile landscapes

Colchagua Valley of Chile has taken its place of honor in the list of the best places for a honeymoon! Kolchagua is located 130 km from Santiago, neighboring 22 wineries, 16 hotels and one casino. In fact, many hotels in Colchagua do not allow to settle with children in order to give the newlyweds complete freedom and comfort!

What to do in Colchagua?.. Horseback riding, wonderful tasting of Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah… walking along the most beautiful places, biking, exploring museums and small towns… and all this against the backdrop of mesmerizing Andes…

The most original venue for honeymoon is the winery Santa Rita!

Honeymoon in Chile will allow the newlyweds to enjoy the beauty of the coastal valleys, forests, volcanoes, lunar landscapes of the Atacama Desert and a cruise on the mirror lakes.

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