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If you want to spend your honeymoon with pleasure and in the atmosphere of the oriental myth, travel to China. It is a large country where you will definitely find everything you want.

For example, to have a romantic honeymoon where you will not be sure whether you are in an ancient European city or in the East, go to Suzhou. The city is striated with lots of canals, and almost a half of the city is submerged, so you can feel here the atmosphere of Venice. However, it is far more ancient, as Suzhou roots back to 23,000 BC. To top it all, the city is situated on the lake’s bank, which makes the atmosphere of the place even more romantic. It is worth to travel to China just to visit this majestic place.

Romantic honeymoon in China

Romantic honeymoon in China

However, if you don’t have a desire to enjoy the romantic mix of Europe and Asia in Suzhou, consider traveling to Bora Bora. You will never feel sorry for going there, guaranteed. The island is famous worldwide for being one of the most romantic places, and probably the best one to spend one’s honeymoon there. It is like a small paradise on Earth with shining white sands, turquoise waters, smiling and benevolent locals, and, of course, spectacular sceneries. Bored with constant leisure on the beach under the sun, you can climb the sleeping volcano (thanks to which the island itself was made up) and meet the sunrise from the top of it. Otherwise, you can go diving to the reefs and enjoy a rich variety of underwater flora and fauna. It is not very cheap to travel to Bora Bora, but you will never regret having your honeymoon in such a magical and romantic place.

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5 Comments → “ China ”

  1. Svetlana Suzdalteva

    4 years ago

    Very useful advice!


  2. celine dion tote bag

    5 years ago

    Regards for helping out, wonderful info .


  3. Mark

    6 years ago

    I agree %100.  Suzhou is one of China’s top destinations because it is simply a stunning place.  The city features three amazing gardens, Wangshi Yuan, Shizi Lin and Zhuozheng Yuan, which attract numerous visitors every year.  It also has wonderful temples and vibrant shopping centres.


  4. William

    6 years ago

    The main difference between China and other countries is its rich and ancient culture. Only in China you can find one of the biggest business centers and at the same time it is possible to see White Horse Temple that what was built in 68 year.
    I was in Shanghai during my business trip. I can tell you a lot about it. First of all, if you think that you travel a lot and maybe you’ve seen everything possible or maybe you think that your home city is too big, then Shanghai is waiting for you. The tempo and rhythm of this city is on the high level of fuss.
    I work in logistics and maybe it may sound strange for you but if you want to feel the power of China you should go to the Shanghai Port. It is the world’s busiest container port. There you can see the power and strength of modern China with your own eyes.
    For myself I concluded that the Americans should work harder!

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