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Created For Enjoyment: Cook Islands

Where do you want to go for your romantic honeymoon vacation? When was the last time you visited an interesting place somewhere?
Have you ever been to Cook Islands? If not, be in a hurry to book some apartment or a hotel room for you two. Your honeymoon vacation will be a success if you are going to have a good rest on Cook Islands at least for two weeks and are not going to go out for a casual drive somewhere else.

Try to imagine yourselves on the coasts of the South Pacific Ocean among the peaceful Cook Island dwellers. Oh, they are great! You will not be the only visitors in this place. Annually thousands of tourists stay here to have their vacation. And they are not mistaken because everything is perfectly organized here. The matter is that tourism is the leading and the most developed industry here.

cook islands honeymoon

It is interesting to know that the islands were made (or it is better to say grouped) in a natural way – by the volcano. It makes their nature beautiful and peculiar.

Come in touch with native carvers. You will be happy enough to watch how they create their wonderful good work beings. You see, carving is a great, strong and special tradition there. It is a national feature of their culture as weaving, for example. Weaving is great here, too, and is really worth seeing. Their carpets and mats are splendid. The hats and baskets are also perfect. They are made of coconut palm and have a perfect quality.

vacation in the cook islands

Clever people always find different activities to have, to do and to watch. By the way, football and cricket are played there, too. But the most popular kind of sport is rugby league.

Try to enjoy yourselves and your honeymoon vacation will be unforgettable!

romantic traveling to tropical islands

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2 Comments → “ Created For Enjoyment: Cook Islands ”

  1. IMran

    4 years ago

    Love this post. Wondering exactly where and which place is that that is in the first picture. the one with the bungalows on the water.


  2. Svetlana Suzdalteva

    5 years ago

    Fantastic place for honeymoon!!!)))


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