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Costa Cruises

If you are looking for a cruise line that offers a European experience, Italian style and hospitality as well as exciting literariness, then look no more. Costa Cruises,  an Italian cruise line founded in 1854,  is one of  the eleven brands operated by Carnival Corporation. It is one of the largest cruise companies in Europe and as such, it offers a wide choice of vessels and itineraries. Costa fleet consists of 14 ships, and the one you pick for your honeymoon cruise really depends on your taste. If you admire mesmerizing  floating palaces,  then you will appreciate Costa’s Magica, Serena, Favolosa, Deliziosa. However, if you want to enjoy calmer honeymoon vacation aboard smaller cruise ship – Costa Cruises can offer you liners of Classica or Voyager class. Some ships even have a small chapel for intimate weddings.

When you start your buon viaggio onboard Costa’s ships, you realize that the company has put  a lot of effort into ensuring that your trip is as pleasant and worry-free as possible.  Every desire your might have will be attended to; guests can enjoy fresh flower arrangements, fruit baskets, great selection of wines,  be regenerated by couples massage, treated to beauty rituals, or taught new dance moves.  Make sure you book at least one appointment at a unique award-winning Samsara SPA – the oasis of wellness for people who want to have exceptional honeymoon and feel like royals.

Reflecting its heritage, Italian style prevails both in interior design and cuisine: Many of the dishes served in the restaurants belong to traditional Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.  However, Costa’s chefs  proudly served regional dishes as well, so be prepared for gastronomical discoveries.  Speaking of food – many honeymooners will appreciate the fact that you can order breakfast in (there is an extra charge for dinner).


It goes without saying that modern cruise ships are full of amenities, pleasures, and activities. And Costa’s fleet is a great example of this approach.  What is more, there are some ultra modern activities like Formula 1 simulator or 4D cinema. As for high technologies – Wi-Fi service onboard will help you not to lose connection with the world during your honeymoon vacation.

magnificent honeymoon

Every trip with Costa will allow you to discover new things and embark on an adventure. Couples have several options: to customize an excursion, participate in so called eco-excursions that respect cultural, economic and environmental needs of the visit sites, and budget-friendly tours. No matter which options you pick, you will be accompanied by a professional guide who will assist you to explore the areas of interest and answer your questions.  Costa is an oasis of comfort and will allow you to experience your honeymoon just the way you had it imagined.

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