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Costa Rica

This passionate land of sandy beaches and exotic views, cheerful people and unique both adventurous and relaxing atmosphere, Costa Rica is a perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon vacation.

This is a unique place where you can compare the two world’s largest oceans, the Pacific and the Caribbean sea (which is actually a part of the Atlantic), within a very short period of time, and decide which coast is more preferable to you.

Costa Rica is one of those places where everybody can find an activity which will suite them most. Want to sunbathe on a soft white sand of the beach? Enjoy. Want to explore the jungles and take a look at active volcanoes? No problems. This is a place where you can create your unique honeymoon vacation where everything will be just as you want.

honeymoon in costa rica

Before you travel to Costa Rica, consider buying an English-Spanish phrasebook, as the English language is not spoken very widely here. Also, if you are planning your romantic honeymoon beforehand, keep in mind that the best season for having a vacation here is winter and spring (from December to April).

Actually, sitting in the beach during your whole honeymoon vacation would be a silly waste of time. Crowds of tourists travel to Costa Rica just to see the richness of nature and enjoy those spectacular sceneries which can be viewed only here.

There are lots of rainforests which are today natural preserves where you can fully feel the richness of mother nature and recharge your batteries after a long time of hectic wedding planning.

costa rica honeymoon vacation

What is more, you can enjoy watching different exotic animals and plants here, as Costa Rica is very rich in wildlife. Exotic turtles, whales and multicolored birds are going to make your honeymoon here really unforgettable!

Besides, don’t forget to taste the genuine Costa Rican coffee. It is well known and appreciated worldwide, and even the locals adore it, drinking several cups a day.

Generally, Costa Rica is a place where you can enjoy different activities and never get bored during your stay here.

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3 Comments → “ Costa Rica ”

  1. HappyAnimals

    6 years ago

    We are fond of crazy and exciting vacations. Every August we turn into the wild animals and spend time in Costa Rica. We look like and feel like local inhabitants, but we have the USA passports :) So if you plan to travel to Costa Rica you can easily find us via our email happyanimals@gmail.com . We are always open to the new communications and new friends. We have our own secret hotel at Costa Rica which is situated not far from Montezuma beach. You can’t find it in Google or booking buddy, because it is only for those who we love and for those who adore Costa Rica and know real face of this mysterious and fairy place.


  2. Easywalker

    6 years ago

    First of all I would like to say that Costa Rica is a land of variety. Here you can find a dead volcano, real Calibri birds, coffee plantation, great trees and clean and unbelievable water. If you like diving it is the right place, because here between North and South Americas you can easily find mostly all inhabitants of oceans. Big impressions are left by the Poas Volcano Crator. It is a great impression when you can imagine that great power under your feet and this power can destroy everything around. As for me it was an extreme tour to visit Costa Rica’s Volcano Crator.
    If you will decide to go to Costa Rica you’d better take a long vacation, because you will be impressed of its nature and it’s places of interest.


  3. Daniel

    6 years ago

    Perhaps the best place where it was possible to travel to – it is Costa Rica! Boundless beaches, which you can admire every new day, clean fresh air that brings good memories. It’s just awesome that we chose this place.. There is a huge number of unusual birds and fish. We rested very cool and fully enjoyed each minute here. Here you can relax and not worry about anything, just enjoy the moment, which seems to never end. The main thing that I loved here was that my love was vlose to me here. I wish I knew about this place before. Now I’ll often visit Costa Rica. There are not so many people, a lot of nature, we can find a lot of different fruits. I will look for new places where we have not been in Costa Rica.


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