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Croatian Honeymoon

Croatia is a famous and popular European vacation spot that is starting to draw the attention of visitors from all the regions of the world. It is especially loved for its welcoming beaches, access to the Adriatic Sea with its crystal clear waters,  amazing indented coastline,  more than 1200 islands of which only 50 (!) are inhabited, picturesque architecture, vineyards, thermal spas, mild climate and lots of enjoyable activities available for you to enjoy every single moment of your vacation in Croatia.  No wonder this country has become a popular honeymoon travel destination – here you can find tons of cheap honeymoon packages and spend all leftover money for additional entertainment.

The idea of spending your honeymoon vacation in Croatia becomes even more attractive when you discover that there is a range of other tantalizing locations in close proximity to the country. Montenegro, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina all have something to amaze and enchant you with and are quick to reach and easy to cross the boarder.

croatia honeymoon

In spite of being a small country, Croatia has lots of magnificent places to explore and enjoy.  The first thing that strikes you about the country is the beauty of its landscape.   Make sure to spend a day wondering through the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO designated World Heritage site; containing 16 lakes that are interconnected with spellbinding waterfalls, the Park is a sanctuary for many wild animals and rare bird species.  In addition, you will be surprised to notice that lakes’ colour is not uniform: the hues range from azure to greenish blue and grey. The reason for such variety is presence of minerals and micro-aquatic organisms that dwell in each lake.  Moreover, you will be captivated by cascading waterfalls and alternating heights.

romantic honeymoon near plitvice lakes

Another popular travel destination is Brijuni National Park. This group of uninhabited islands of different sizes boast Mediterranean vegetation, rich ancient heritage,  and the site of the first golf course in Croatia.  Go to Dubrovnik for the amazing sea view and elite resorts. Great English writer George Bernard Shaw once suggested that “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and find it”.  The region of Dalmatia contains other interesting historic places and amazing beaches, windsurfing spots and nice vineyards. Visit Pula to wonder at the amazing amphitheater which once used to be a place of gladiator battles. The surrounding area will remind you the landscapes of Tuscany and Provence. Travel to Alstadt to discover the long and interesting history of the country by its historical monuments and beautiful architectural masterpieces.

The best time to travel to Croatia is summer, although you can have your honeymoon vacation here from April through September: it is one of those countries with the distinct four-season year division, so it is better to travel to here when it is warm.

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