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Cruise lines announce 2012 world voyages

Among the best honeymoon travel tips you can be offered, consider world voyages as a really incredible and impressive honeymoon vacation which will leave a lasting impression on both of you.

In general, a world voyage traditionally starts in January for the heat-loving Americans and Europeans to spend a winter in warm and pleasant climatic conditions. Enjoying the sun, the wind, and the sea you can turn your honeymoon vacation into a whole honey-season! Just imagine three months of leisure, romance, laid-back atmosphere, endless sea and exotic lands passing by one by one, each leaving a strong impression both on your mind and heart.

Cruise honeymoon trip

Cruise honeymoon trip

As more and more people today are looking for a romantic honeymoon or just a calm and relaxing holiday, they choose world cruises. Therefore, cruise companies enlarge the number of ships offering you a wider choice of world voyages. Undoubtedly, you will find whatever you want – from vintage humble ships to modern posh liners. Your choice depends only on your tastes and budget.

For example, this year (2012-2013) Cunard is giving all its three ships on world cruises or extended cruises during winter months or the first time, which is remarkable enough. Furthermore, during the 2012-2013 voyaging season P&O Cruises is starting its largest program giving four ships to the same purposes. For the first time, too.

PO romantic cruise

Actually, if earlier the cruise companies ventured to put a ship on a world-round voyage, it was definitely an old and tested one. The times change, and today the newest and highly equipped ships are ready to carry romantic honeymooners throughout the world. Mind that P&O Cruises are sending Azura, their newest ship, on its first world voyage in 2013, with the three older ships mentioned earlier. There is a special pleasure in travelling in a ship which is having its first voyage. According to the tradition, it arrives to the newest ports, the so-called maiden ports where the ship is met with applause, fanfare and great emotions. So, if you want to feel that all those people are happy just because you arrive there, it’s the right option for you.

All things considered, having a cruise is truly one of the best honeymoon travel tips, but having a world voyage is even better. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the freedom and calmness of the three-month sea vacation!

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2 Comments → “ Cruise lines announce 2012 world voyages ”

  1. Bill Anderson

    6 years ago

    If you are a real explorer you can buy your own airplane and get a diploma as a pilot. Take your friends and fly wherever you want. Aslo you can buy a bicycle and cycle, or (what is even crazy as for me) just to travel as hick hiker.
    But if you are adoring comfortable exploring of this world you can easily buy a ticket on Princess Cruise and feel glad and happy. The staff and stuff are incredible at this magic ship.
    On a cruise you can be involved in atmosphere of full independence. You can feel your own body as never before because when you use clean air to breeze and delicious food to eat your heath is rising to the top. So it is a good idea even for a lonely traveler, because on a boat you can meet girls from the ship’s crew) I wish you a great vacation!


  2. Elena

    6 years ago

    As for me it was something strange just to spend your vacation on a boat in the oceans and seas.
    I got used to spend my vacations at one country at one time. Even better to stay at one place for all the time and just to do nothing at the seaside. But my honey husband is incredible explorer. It is big sacrifice for him to take sunbathes for even one day, because he is a man of action.
    So we decided to buy two tickets on this cruise. For this time we’ve seen a lot of exotic places at one time. If you have never tried a cruise vacation, you should do it. Don’t believe those people who are telling you that the boat will couse seasickness. They are coach-potatoes! On the ship you will find plenty of funny things to do.
    Cruise is a time to explore new places and great place to lie near a swimming pool with a cup of drink and a lovely husband. I was never upset that I choose the cruise vacation.


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