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Ecuador: Right Place for Honeymoon

Ecuador is one of the most fascinating countries of South America, which is situated in the North-West part of it. Many cities of Ecuador are in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You will be deeply impressed by the beauty of such marvelous places as Montanita, Tena, Salinas, Esmeraldas, Mindo in Ecuador. Esmeraldas, in the west of the country, is where you will find a wonderful place for your honeymoon time. There is no doubt that you will enjoy a warm tropical weather, beautiful beaches and peaceful atmosphere there.

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The pride of Esmeraldas are several restaurants, which are located along the beaches. Among them you can visit Las Redes or Los Alamos, where the great music, the brightly-lit interior and delicious cuisine will give any honeymoon couple the time to remember. The light salty breeze from the ocean will add to your honeymoon enjoyment of the meal – a local dish of delicious spiced rice with shrimp, fried fish with beans, lobsters, ceviches and patacones. Note that reasonable prices of seafood entice you to visit those restaurants again and again.

If you take a day-trip along the “Route of the Sun” there can be no doubt that cities along this tour will offer endless entertainment to suit every taste. Montanita is one of such cities, located on Ecuador’s “Route of the Sun”. It is named a tropical paradise with its famous Surfing Beach. You will certainly want to get the unforgettable honeymoon experience of surfing in big ocean waves. And at nights Montanita offers a bustling nightlife with lots of places to go out dancing, different cafes and bars. So, Montanita is the place to go where a romantic honeymoon couple will not be disappointed.

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If a little adventure is what you are looking for, Tena is just for you! Its second name is Jungle Town. You can take some kayaking and rafting tours in Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest. Rainforest in Ecuador together with experienced guides wait for you all year round to make you happy. It is undoubtedly a fabulous romantic honeymoon trip.

In the center of the Tena there is a popular pedestrian bridge, where you can give the hearty promises to each other. Standing on the bridge you can take wonderful photos of the magnificent scenery of the Andes. Those photos will always remind you that impressive scenery. Tena also offers many truly magical nightlife entertainments. It is interesting to know that some bars can cater to travelers playing reggae, salsa and pop music. You will remember the mouth-watering flavor of the traditional local food for a long time.

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By the way, why not accept a special tour to Mindo – a home to hundreds of species of butterflies, birds, and reptiles. You can enjoy the singing of the birds, some species of which are in danger of extinction; take photos of unique butterflies, which will fly around like in your dreams.

Your honeymoon vacation in Ecuador will be the best thanks to the high service in affordable hotels, reasonable prices, and unforgettable experiences you will have!

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