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Honeymoon in Ecuador

If you look for off-the-beaten honeymoon travel destinations, Ecuador will be the right place for you. Actually, many people combine their honeymoon vacations in this South American country with cruises to the Galapagos Islands (the insular reason of Ecuador) in order to get much more pleasure. But Ecuador itself is really noteworthy as there are so many things to do and see!

First of all, despite the fact that this is one of the smallest countries in South America, the diversity of geographic regions will provide your honeymoon vacation with different, but always positive impressions. Apart from the abovementioned Galapagos Islands in the Pacific there are the coastal lowlands with perfect beaches, the Andean highlands, and Amazon rainforest area. They differ not only in climate but also in other details, for example, cuisine. Every region has its own specific dishes, so, your romantic honeymoon dinners won’t be identical.

Then, Ecuador can also offer adventurous couples many other possibilities for a divine honeymoon. During tours in the Andes you will see sceneries that are magnificent beyond words – just imagine how beautiful mountain waterfalls are! Or what about taking a look at some volcanoes?

Ecuadorian romantic honeymoon

What is more, in the Andean highlands there are market towns where you will have an opportunity to get perfect honeymoon souvenirs and presents – Quichua Indians vend there alpaca-wool sweaters, scarves, handmade leather jackets and many-many other things.

If there isn’t anything more romantic for you than evening in an eco-lodge and campfire supper under the stars after a journey through the Amazon jungles, or a few days’ vacation on an uninhabited island – you should think about travelling to Ecuador as the best choice for perfect and unforgettable honeymoon! Of course, there are many nice hotels in Ecuadorian large cities like Quito or Guayaquil if you want to spend time in a comfortable way. Besides, you may visit there many interesting sites, museums, and galleries to explore rich Ecuadorian culture – perfect mix of Spanish heritage with local traditions.

Ecuador ingapirca inca ruins

And last but not the least: Ecuador is very cheap (romantic honeymoon dinner costs nearly the same as it would cost in the USA – by the way, Ecuador’s currency is US dollars). You won’t waste your money.

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