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Edinburgh, a romantic place set in the picturesque hilly area in Scotland. One of the best reasons to come here is the abundance of breathtaking sceneries which conquer even the most hard-hearted person. Furthermore, if you are a newlywed couple, Edinburgh is just what the doctor ordered for having a romantic honeymoon destination!

It is a perfect combination of the atmosphere of the heroic medieval past and modern cosmopolitan life. Edinburgh is perhaps the best place for the unforgettable and romantic honeymoon!

travel to edinburgh


When you get here, first and foremost thing for you to do is to visit the Edinburgh Castle to feel the glory of the past. Just after that, have a stroll through the Royal Mile admiring the masterpieces of architecture and enjoying the beautiful town, down to the ancient Holyrood Abbey.

It is really worth to travel to Edinburgh to see the famous Edinburgh Festival, which is considered to be one of the largest cultural shows in Europe. Your spouse will be enjoying it, as you will definitely find something that suits you out of five hundred performances here.

The City Arts center will give you opportunities to get acquainted with the Scottish art, as it is the main art center of Scotland.

Even if you are not the art admirers, both of you will be enjoying going to the Museum of Childhood, which is situated on the Royal Mile you will be walking through. Here you will go back into your childhood, surrounded by numerous toys and playthings which date back as to the ancient times. Feeling like children, you will probably have a beautiful and romantic time after visiting it!

edinburgh honeymoon


Remember that the best time to come here is late spring. In this time Edinburgh becomes the most romantic honeymoon destination! Before coming here, check out all the possible web sources to find out what festivals and other cultural events are held here during the time of your visiting the city.

To feel the atmosphere of the city better, you are always offered to spend several nights in the genuine Scottish castle. Get imbued with the romantic atmosphere of it and feel yourselves here like the noble lords of the previous centuries!

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3 Comments → “ Edinburgh ”

  1. Louise

    6 years ago

    Edinburgh is a very romantic destination.  It is a fantastic place to spend your honeymoon or a long weekend!  Its impressive castle dominates the skyline of the city and its monuments and elegant architecture make Edinburgh one of the most historical destinations in Scotland.


  2. Nancy

    6 years ago

    When I first decided to go to Edinburgh for fun I didn’t know that this travel experience can do so great influence on me. After visiting the old part of this city I decided to get know more about the history of Edinburgh and Scotland.
    Actually, I made a decision and planned to go to Edinburgh almost every weekend during the whole autumn. So right now I can tell you a lot. First of all, if you are a young and easy-going person you should go and see the nightlife of this incredible city. I recommend you to go on the Rose street and find Dirty dicks restaurant. This restaurant is so popular because of its name. Restaurant was established in 1859. By the way, Dirty Dick way a nickname of one man who used to cleaned Rose Street in 1850. This restaurant has a special atmosphere of a sweet home. And you can easily feel yourself as a part of it.
    Also I liked The Basement pub which is situated on the Broughton Street. I think that Edinburgh Park can’t leave you indifferent. There you can find a lot of open places and see the natural beauty of this wonderful city. You should go to Edinburgh, especially if you live not far from it.


  3. Terry

    6 years ago

    Last year in May my wife and I decided to celebrate my birthday in Edinburgh. The first thing we did was the visit to the Edinburgh Castle. In order to avoid queuing we bought tickets online. It’s very useful because includes entrance to all attractions. At 10 a.m. we were in the castle. There is so much to see! The Royal Palace is great! My wife was especially impressed by The Honours of Scotland- nation’s crown jewels. As for me, tours to Natural War Museum Scotland and the Royal Scots Regimental Museum were the most interesting. At one o’clock we went to see the fire of the gun. Nice tradition since 1861! Then we felt hungry and wanted a meal. Redcoat cafe – perfect place to relax! Tasty soup, fresh vegetables and delicious cakes. And of course, we didn’t forget about gifts and souvenirs. First we went to Whisky&Finest Food Shop where I bought a bottle of exclusive Edinburgh Castle Malt Whisky. Next we visited Portcullis Gift Shop for some traditional scarves. The tour to the castle was fantastic, the staff is friendly, guides are experienced but not enough time! I can’t wait to come back!


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