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Exciting Manihi honeymoon

If you are in search of a really secluded and off-the-beaten-track place where you can spend your honeymoon vacation, Manihi is the right place for you. Situated far in the Pacific Ocean, this small coral atoll is one of the most interesting places in the Tuamotu Archipelago. With lots of tiny islets (you can hardly find any human on some of them), Manihi is perfect for a relaxed beach honeymoon: just what the doctor ordered after hectic and tiresome wedding planning time.

Manihi is famous for being one of the best diving places in the world. Perhaps there can be nothing better than enjoying the world’s underwater beauty in the crystal-clean waters during your honeymoon vacation here. Sure, diving is quite widespread activity, though here it obtains some traits of a magical journey.

manihi honeymoon

When you travel to Manihi, you are free to choose among different accommodation options. However, the best way to fully experience the unforgettable Manihi atmosphere is to book one of the overwater bungalows. Each time you look out of the window or step out on the deck you feel like sailing in the open waters. The fresh breeze on your face, gentle turquoise waters under your feet and your beloved near you – what can be better?

romantic manihi vacation

Besides hotels, there are lots of guest houses run by families who live here for years. They provide a homely atmosphere and cozy apartments, and gladly help in organizing different diving activities.

By the way, Manihi is also known for numerous pearl farms. So don’t forget to buy some: they will look great for a long time and remind about your unforgettable honeymoon experience on Manihi.

manihi traveling

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