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Exotic honeymoon in Bangkok

Thailand is frequently referred to as a diamond in the crown of Asia. This historically rich and ethnically diverse country has lots of things which astonish and strike every visitor. Stately gilded palaces, level-headed Buddhist monks, beautiful wild orchids, uniquely spiced dishes, glitter of the smooth Thai silk – these and many more things allure plenty of tourists to the country annually.

If you want to fully experience the oriental fairy-tale of Thailand, travel to Bangkok – the capital of Thailand, and one of the most exciting cities in Asia frequently compared to New York. It is considered to be one of the world’s tourist hotspots.

Did you know that in Thai the name of the city is  Krung Thep Maha Nakhon which means “city of angels”?  This is why Guinness World Records lists it  as the world’s longest place name.

Bangkok romantic honeymoon

Bangkok romantic honeymoon

This honeymoon travel destination allows you to spend perfect romantic time together. Swim in the complex system of canals enjoying the views of the city and the rare water markets. Walk in the shade of the old trees in the city’s numerous parks. Do peoplewatching! This bustling city will never bore you – you will always find something new in it.

Bangkok offers the best of  traditional Thai culture mixed with modern western trends.

Here you will adore the ancient temples and feel the air of complete tranquility, mystery, and eternal enigma. On no account should you forget to visit the Emerald Buddha, a 1.5 ft statue believed to be the talisman of Thailand.

travel to thailand

Bangkok is a perfect honeymoon travel destination for those who feel attracted to both oriental exotic and urban lifestyles.

This city never sleeps – the nightlife here is richer than in many other popular cities worldwide. The night streets are even brighter and more romantic than during daytime owing to the numerous neon boards. So if you are passionate about exotic night entertainment be sure to travel to Bangkok!

bangkok honeymoon resort

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    Bangkok is an ancient city with a great history. If you go there for traveling you should visit Wat Arun, known as Wat Chaeng. The best time to see all the beauty of this temple is sunset. I traveled alone and the atmosphere of incredible mysteries and love fulfills my mind. I found a small restaurant named Deck by The River. It is situated across the river. They have a bar on the roof, that’s why this place is something special. From this place you can see a panorama view on Wat Chaeng. I bought a cup of my favorite Italian coffee and adored this place ;) Deck by The River restaurant is situated on 36-38 Soi Pratoo Nok Yoong, Maharat Road. It’s easy to find it with Google maps.


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