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Explore the astonishing Greek land!

Hey guys!

I’m so happy that you continue to keep in touch with me. As you’ve noticed I’m fond of traveling, so I’m here again to share with you all my incredible adventures and unforgettable moments that are worth to read.

 I have been traveling around the world quite a little but today I’ve seen that advertisement suggesting last minute offers to a wonderful island Crete and I recalled that I’ve recently been there and it was an amazing journey.

When I left my native cold USA, it was a big pleasure finally to appear in hot and sunny resort town of Crete – Malia. The nature was perfect, everything was blossoming, the shore of the Mediterranean was charming with its beauty.

 Firstly I decided to experience the famous Greek cuisine in simple local café and I didn’t regret. Gamopilafo, Sofegada, Apaki, Gyro and of course, legendary Greek salad, I can’t imagine real Greek eating without it. I was enjoying my dishes, drinking Sangria (spiced wine with fruits). I was сut to the heart I managed to feel all Greek local color on my own. I was simply impressed by hospitability of the Greek people and their delicious dishes.

 During the other days of my journey I was spending a lot of time lying on the beach and traveling to other small Greek towns near Malia. I made friends with some people from my hotel so we decided to travel together. Every day we caught the coach (by the way, the staff in coaches was impolite, that really made me angry) and drove to different nearest places such as Heraklion with its narrow historical streets and churches, Stalis with its luxurious beaches and gorgeous nature, Hersonissos with its night clubs and entertainments, and Rethymno with its ancient heritage and colour.

 We didn’t waste any second to experience Greek culture and beauty, and there I was trapped. Our group of a few guys decided to attend a tour to the Venetian-era citadel of the city of Rethymno «The Fortezza», that remained till our days. There is a large territory where you can easily get lost.

 So I managed to do it, my iPhone was totally discharged and I was looking for my friends for an hour, I assumed they were looking for me too. But, fortunately, I always carry my dear 6.6 feet long Volts Lightning Cable and I hit upon a thought to go to the administration of the citadel and to ask them to charge my iPhone with my Lightning Cable. I did so, they helped me with pleasure and it proved once again that the Greek are very hospitable. My iPhone was charged to 30 percent and it was enough to call my friends. Thanks God everything finished in the best way for me (because it was a little bit terrible to stay alone in the foreign town without mastering its language), we met and were strolling through the town for some time and returned to Malia.

At the end of my journey it remained 2 days to stay on Crete and I tried to find out as much as I only could, to visit a lot of places, tours and to entertain at Crete national evening with dancing and tasting Greek wine, cheese Feta and local dishes.

 I got unforgettable impressions and I advise everyone to travel more. Keep reading my blog and I will wonder you again and again!


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