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Florence is well known worldwide for being a cultural spot of a great historic and cultural importance. It is the place where the new era of art and humans’ world-view – the Renaissance – started from. Those who cherish the European cultural heritage or just those who want to understand its significance are very welcome here. The vast variety of paintings, statues and architectural monuments on no account will leave you disappointed: only for them it is worth to travel to Florence!

Florence honeymoon

Those who want to have a romantic honeymoon here will definitely find a lot of enjoyable and breathtaking activities. For example, only in Florence you can enjoy masterpieces of such glorious artists as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Titian and Cellini.

If observing pictures is too boring to make up your romantic honeymoon, take tours and explore the ancient cathedrals each of which are real masterpieces of sculptural and architectural art and watch the tombs of the great people who lived and created their great works in Florence. You will be amazed at how spectacular some buildings can be.

Florence Duomo

Florence Duomo

Even if you are not an art admirer, you will be excited to take a look at majestic palaces which are really numerous here. You can’t but get imbued with calm and peaceful beauty of the European heritage to understand that you made a right choice when decided to travel to Florence.

Fed up with the cultural “food” you will be seeking for some food for your stomach. There are lots of cafes that serve local cuisine (which is really delicious). However, we should mention that it is a shame to travel to Florence and not taste a traditional Italian gelato. Once you’ve tasted it, you will never forget it!

After all, you will come back home loaded with souvenirs and bright emotions, anxiously waiting for having another chance to visit Florence.

Florence view

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4 Comments → “ Florence ”

  1. Roger

    6 years ago

    Florence is beautiful in all seasons. We went there in September. Our Hotel Alessandra is one of the best in Florence. Our room was comfortable, clean, with a bathroom. The staff was friendly and helpful. They gave us some recommendations for restaurants and sightseeing. La Cucina del Garda is the restaurant near the Ponte Vecchio. We went there one night. The food was excellent. They have a good choice of wines. The atmosphere was cozy. The owner spoke good English and was very friendly. We also tried to see as many historical places as possible. Basilica di San Miniato al monte, Piazza della Signoria, Bargello Museum, Museo di San Marco are popular tourist attractions. Visit Piazzale Michalangelo at sunset and admire the best view of Florence! Oh, and one of the best days of our vacation was the Tuskan Wine Tour. The trip was fantastic. This tour included a visit to the winery and wine and cheese tasting. Our guide was very informative. The tour was well organized. We don’t usually like tours but that one made our vacation to Florence really memorable. Florence is a very marvelous city, with so many sights that you need quite a lot of time to see all of them.


  2. Tony B.

    6 years ago

    My wife Jane and I have been to Florence to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our marriage. We visited different galleries like Uffizzi and Pitti, Jane (being an art critic) told many interesting facts, but if you are not one, you should obligatory hire a guide not to miss the most important things.
    Speaking about the romantic side of Florence we walked along the river in the evening, listened to street musicians and then had a nice dinner at Mama Gina. The atmosphere is quite cosy and the dishes are really tasty! We also liked walking along the narrow streets without a map and finding various nooks.
    So if you’re going to travel to some romantic but really interesting place I do strongly recommend you to travel to Florence, you’ll never forget this journey!


  3. Stacy

    6 years ago

    I have been to Florence several years ago, in 2008. It was the first Italian city I saw in my life and it really exited me from the first sight. First of all I should mention the outskirts of the city – there were splendid green fields, vineyards and marvelous hills, so that you can not only admire the cultural richness of the Florence itself but also the nature, where it seems that even your soul is resting.
    Speaking about the city I liked the most that multistoried bridge Ponte Vecchio, before that I have never seen the inhabited bridge! There are also shops there.
    On the banks of the river Arno you can buy lots of different things, but don’t forget to bargain! You can sometimes send the prices down for a half!
    Unfortunately river Arno is said to have become more shallow and now it doesn’t smell good at times.


    • Tony B.

      6 years ago

      Stacy, we walked along the banks of Arno, but didn’t feel any smell!


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