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Great Yarmouth, Typical English Town. Part 2

The next morning I woke up because of sunbeams that lit into the window of the light, rosy room. The day was going to be gorgeous. I went downstairs to greet all members of the family and much to my astonishment they were sitting by the laid table waiting for me. There was a typical English breakfast on the table: fried eggs with bacon, toasts, various spreads, coffee, tea, juice, cereals.. Generally speaking, all the things one can wish for.

The head of the family noted that they don’t usually eat such breakfasts, but they were glad to accept me and wanted to wonder me with such a “traditional” meal. Indeed, I was very pleased. We were talking for about an hour about various topics (customs of the USA, the UK, their differences and so on) and they told me that a surprise would wait for me in the evening, so I had to be at home. It was quite lovely.

After we finished having breakfast, Ann and I decided to continue my acquaintance with Yarmouth. There were a lot of things and places that were worth seeing. Ann wanted me to get acquainted with her friends. Therefore we met them at the Regent Road – central road in GY with loads of little local shops and markets.

Her friends, Tom and Lila, were very nice and suggested visiting some famous museums : Time and Tide (tells the story of GY from its ice age origins to the present day), Great Yarmouth Row Houses (unique old-fashioned English houses of 19th century), Tolhouse Museum and Gaol (gaols of 12th century, seeing with its own eyes the fates of the thieves, smugglers, witches, pirates and murderers who were confined here), Model Village of GY (a little city of miniatures) and the last one Nelson Museum ( chance to find out about the local hero Admiral Lord Nelson and the times in which he lived with some entertainments for everyone). In Nelson Museum my phone discharged, and I even managed to charge my iPhone with my Volts Lightning Cable. I liked all the museums, but, frankly speaking, I was very tired, because it took not an hour to visit them all.

After all, we decided to have a snack at a café of English national cuisine Fish & Chips (battered fish and chips). We were talking, eating hot, fresh, delicious food and drinking Ginger wine (the taste was unforgettable, real English beverage).

We were wandering along the embankment for some time, I saw famous Britannia Pier, the building of the theater, which is one of a few end-of-the-pier theaters left in England. It was time to return home, where surprise was waiting for me. When we got home, i felt a great smell of bbq, and I finally guessed what the surprise was. I was in a high mood.

Ann and I entered the back yard, where all the members of the family were. Winston and his son baked meat, Kate prepared sauces, loafs and salads. When everything was ready, we sat to the big table and began to eat. I have to admit: everything was incredibly delicious. We were eating, drinking and simply enjoying talking with each other. Soon the night came and we watched English comedy in the house.

I will never forget that lovely time in GY.


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