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Great Yarmouth, Typical English Town

There are a lot of places in the world that you can visit, but I will never forget my wonderful trip to England to feel the real English spirit and atmosphere. I have visited some great cities such as London, Cambridge, Norwich, but one town that made me hold my breath was Great Yarmouth (or simply Yarmouth)

It’s a not a big town, which is situated on the east coast of the North Sea in Norfolk. I have done a great journey of many hours to reach this lovely town. Firstly, by plane to London, then by coach to Great Yarmouth. And finally, after the exhausting way, I got there.

I managed to make an arrangement with one English family via Facebook in advance to stay at their house for free. They were glad to accept me and it was a great chance for me to live with real English people and get in their shoes, find out their customs and, of course, to exchange some cultural experience.

This family lives in 10 minutes from the city center, so I easily found their house. It was typical English two-stored house with tiled roof. On the first floor there was a big, spacious living-room with a sofa in middle-age style, a side board with a great amount of different cup- and plate- sets. There was a cozy kitchen with a big laid table with many chairs. On the second floor there were bedrooms, bathroom and toilet. As a rule, all English houses have a front door which leads to the front yard with garden and back door – to the back yard (place for bbq).

The family of 5 (mom Kate, dad Winston, daughter Ann who is the same age as I, son Victor and cat Harley) appeared to be so nice, polite, hospitable, helpful and generous. I looked around the house, ate my lunch and rushed to go sight-seeing all around Great Yarmouth. It was very kind of Ann to show me the town.

We were strolling through the city center, where there were a lot of little local shops and supermarkets, clothes stores and cafes. I was quite hungry, so we went to pizzeria, where we were enjoying the atmosphere and pizza, and was able to charge my iPhone with my Volts Lightning Cable.

Not far from it there was a Town Hall, which charmed with its Victorian Gothic architecture. We visited a catholic church called The Minster Church of St.Nicholas. Honestly, I was amazed by its modernity.

We were wandering along the coast of the North Sea. It was a bit cold because of the north climate, but it was a big pleasure to relax and simply go out, chatting with a beautiful English girl. Suddenly I saw an amusement park of GY «Pleasure Park» and a cool idea arised to invite Ann to have fun. She liked this idea too. So we tried maybe all the amusements, it was perfect.

After all, we returned home quite exhausted, spent some time with a family and flacked out in beds with great expectations for tomorrow.


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