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Greenland: Why Not Spend Honeymoon Here?

People are different, and consequently, their tastes differ. Many of us find it difficult to understand how Greenland might be chosen as a perfect place for spending honeymoon vacations.

However, for many honeymoon couples, Greenland is a romantic destination with the extraordinary natural wonders they will ever see. The most popular time to visit Greenland is between April and August, because the temperature in winter is 30°C degrees below zero, in spring -5°C and in summer 5-10°C above zero. It is known that Greenland is a non-continental island, which is situated in the far north-east of North America. And it is still a part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

The capital of Greenland is Nuuk. However it has another Danish name ‘Godthab’, it means ‘Good Hope’. It is really a good hope to enjoy your memorable honeymoon vacation in Nuuk. The best way to explore this northern honeymoon destination is on a guided tour. It is very easy to get around the city on foot. In winter all ski trails are illuminated around the city, and Nuuk looks like a fairyland with a magical spirit. Nuuk is a starting place for many Greenlandic cruises, which are easily arranged just here.

greenland honeymoon

The main attractions in Nuuk are sailing trips from Ilulissat to Qagortog, during which you can enjoy the scenery of wonderful fjords with white icebergs between high cliffs. Such trips will give as much positive emotions and impressions as they can. The fjords with magnificent mountains are unique and awesome places in Nuuk.

If you want to enjoy hiking in the mountains, you can head to the top of Lille Malene or Sermitsiag and certainly find breathtaking views over there.

greenland vacation

Another remarkable site in Western Greenland is Sisimiut, which is located not far from the Arctic Circle. In winter and in spring it is the best place to experience the dog sledding. You must notice that Dog Sledding trips from Sisimiut can be arranged on location and can last from two-three hours to a couple of days. The most popular trip among tourists is to Kangerlussuaq, it lasts three days.

greenland honeymoon trip

For those honeymoon couples interested in experiencing the culture of Nuuk or Sisimiut first hand, you can enjoy a wide variety of museums and exhibitions, sports centers. They are also well known for their fashionable restaurants, which offer a variety of international cuisines.

After all, you deserve a truly romantic honeymoon trip to Greenland, where your time of love will transform into a magical winter fantasy. What can be better?

honeymoon in greenland

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