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Planning your honeymoon vacation in the Caribbean consider traveling to Guadeloupe, frequently called the most European island in the region. The island is not rich in boutique hotels and ritzy resorts, but it is the best place in the Caribbean to vividly feel the romantic atmosphere of France.

The island sometimes resembles its close neighbor, Martinique. However, Guadeloupe seems to be a destination much more popular with honeymooners. Probably, it is the unique mix of the French and the African cultures (the island is mostly inhabited by the descendants of the former African slaves) which makes this place a perfect place for a honeymoon vacation.

Romantic honeymoon in Guadeloupe

Romantic honeymoon in Guadeloupe

Before traveling to Guadeloupe make sure you’ve taken the English-French phrasebook. (Of course, English is spoken there but is always better to be on the safe side, isn’t it?)

The island is a perfect choice for couples seeking for the cheap honeymoon packages, as different resorts offer a variety of affordable choices for the newlyweds.

As sunbathing is one of the main activities here, all the beaches (there are over 50 of them) of Guadeloupe are welcoming you to soak in the sun and enjoy the turquoise waters of the sea.

guadeloupe honeymoon packages

Got bored just lying on the beach and doing nothing? Consider visiting the Guadeloupe Mountains National Park. Here you can experience hiking (you can even climb La Soufriere, an active volcano!), wander through the tropical forest, watch the tumbling waterfalls and just admire the diversity and beauty of the nature. Visiting this place will definitely be one of the most interesting activities during your honeymoon vacation.

You make even take a look at the sugar and rum plantations. Such tours are really quite interesting. For example, taking a tour to Distillerie Bielle you will end up tasting the best Caribbean rum (you’ll like it!)

Finally, Guadeloupe is a charming honeymoon destination where you can not only enjoy the European atmosphere and sandy beaches, but also quite cheap honeymoon packages and different mountain activities.

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    Guadeloupe stands out as one of the top quality holiday destinations in the world, being one of the best affordable.  It is one of the most cost-effective alternatives for honeymoon holidays and destination weddings in the world.


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