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Heavenly Rest on Bali

If you are interested in a romantic honeymoon, Bali is a perfect place for it. They say the island of Bali is an enchanting paradise on the Earth. And it is really true. Bali is a wonderful honeymoon destination with its beautiful white sandy beaches, cool lakes, winding rivers, fascinating waterfalls, emerald tropical forests, green rice fields and magic mountains.

Bali has become one of the most attractive and popular honeymoon destinations in the world. There are a wide range of popular resorts there, such as Bali, Ubud, Cuta, Amed. For the perfect honeymoon vacation you can find luxurious hotels, which can offer you superb honeymoon packages.

bali romantic honeymoon

If you want to enjoy a lovely exotic meal and a unique rice wine, be sure to try them at a variety of restaurants and nightclubs in Cuta. You can also enjoy dancing at night discos there. Do not forget to visit well-known traditional daily markets in Ubud and villages of craftsmen in Bata-Bulan, where you can buy different handmade souvenirs to remember your amazing honeymoon vacation.

romantic bali vacation

If you want a simply relax by the water, go to Amed. In this case, Amed is a wonderful place for people who like rafting, surfing, fishing or scuba diving. You will be guaranteed a marvelous time there. Do you want something extraordinary during your honeymoon vacation? Why not enjoy walking and climbing in the volcanic mountains either? You can even enjoy being on Kintamani volcano and take your own unique photos of the spectacular scenery.

bali honeymoon vacation

So, if you choose Bali for your honeymoon vacation, you will have many magical experiences and a truly unforgettable romantic honeymoon. Bali is waiting for you!

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