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Honeymoon in Athens

Athens is a city which has always been a lure for tourists and culture admirers not for centuries, but for millennia. It is known from the ancient times as a powerful center of philosophy, sports, natural and “exact sciences”, sculpture and much, much more.

Of course, today its significance cannot be compared with the one it had at least two millennia ago, and now it is mostly a hot spot for tourists who really appreciate high culture standards and the history of culture. Nevertheless, it is also a perfect romantic destination for a honeymoon.

If you know a thing or two in history and culture, you will never want to leave Athens. It is always too little time to explore everything and to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this honeymoon destination.

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It is one of those few cities which blend the rich past and fabulous present to make a city inimitable in its beauty.

Perhaps the best thing to do here is walking. With each step you’ll discover something new about the rich past of the city, finding historical monuments of different times, from the 3rd millennia BC to the recent years. Each inch of the city of Athens can tell you its unique history. So, again, just walk and observe. And make sure there’s enough space in your camera’s memory: there are so many things you’ll love to snap-shoot!

Honeymoon vacaiton in Athens

Honeymoon vacaiton in Athens

But if you’re more about the modern entertainment, it’s the place for you. The nightlife here is much richer than you think! Numerous night clubs, lounges and bars welcome you to spend a marvelous dancing night within their walls. The choice is so wide it’s difficult to choose where to go at times.

On the whole, Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world, will be a perfect honeymoon travel destination for those who adore culture, both ancient and modern.

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