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Honeymoon in Barcelona

This city can be fairly named ancient: its history dates back to the 3rd century BC. Today it is a large metropolis, one of the most bustling and lively European cities, proud of its past and present, believing in the future. It is Barcelona, a Spanish city which is a perfect spot not only for an ordinary vacation, but also for a romantic honeymoon.

This honeymoon destination will not definitely leave you bored. It has everything, from sandy white beaches and turquoise waters to trendy boutiques offering hours and hours of shopping.

Either you are the architecture admirers or not, Barcelona has something to make you adore it. Go to Eixample, a district where the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí left his immortal heritage of fantastic and wondrous buildings. Lots of people travel to Barcelona just to see the numerous examples of architecture here, each one being a real masterpiece.

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The local cuisine is a must here. Spanish spicy dishes are famous worldwide, as well as its sophisticated cocktails. Have a romantic dinner somewhere on the rooftop or near the beach tasting some of those culinary masterpieces and watching the sunset. Perfect moments to remember your romantic honeymoon for the whole life!

The city is abundant in the sunshine – sometimes it gets really hot here! But in general, it’s quite pleasant to have a stroll through the city’s ancient streets and just enjoy.

Mind that the best time to travel to Barcelona is May, June and September (in case you want to go to the beach there). But, in general, this city is alluring crowds of tourists all year round, as well as those couples choosing Barcelona their honeymoon destination.

Romantic honeymoon in Barcelona

Romantic honeymoon in Barcelona

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2 Comments → “ Honeymoon in Barcelona ”

  1. Sam

    6 years ago

    Barcelona is an excellent honeymoon destination.  The city offers a wide range of entertainment options for visitors.  There are many coffee shops and bars, like the Els Quatre Gats.  There is also the Museu Picasso (gallery that features several of Pablo Picasso’s works), the Olympic stadium, the Jardi Botànic (Barcelona’s Botanic Garden), the Montjuïic hill, etc.


  2. Maybell

    6 years ago

    After Euro 2012 I want to go to Spain much more than to Italy or other countries. I was working as a volunteer in Ukraine during the championship and I can tell you that those Spanish people I’ve met were easy-going and open. I’ve always dreamed about a trip to Barcelona and Port Aventura. I even began studying Spanish. My friend moved to Spain for permanent residence. He is living in Barcelona. He told me this city was the city of youth and recommended me to visit Sagrada Familia Church. That ancient building describes the spirit of whole Barcelona and shows that Spanish people are workaholics and people of action. I will take my future wife with me and we will see this temple with our own eyes.


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