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Honeymoon in Berlin

Lots of couples are striving to spend their honeymoon vacation somewhere in the tropical destinations lying on the beach and doing nothing. But if you’re looking for an active holiday and think that idle pastime is too boring for you, travel to Berlin to experience an interesting and breathtaking vacation.

Berlin is not only one of the most interesting European honeymoon destinations, but also one of the cheapest! You can easily find cheap honeymoon packages with the help of BookingBuddy or Trip Mama travel search engines.

Have a walk around this city which used to be the capital of the mighty state of Prussia, and admire its architecture and monuments. If you are interested in history, you’ll find lots of things that will inspire you. Of course, you can take a guide or explore the city on your own, just remember that Berlin can be traveled over (except of taking a walking or a bus tour) by bicycle and even by boat! The boat tours are quite interesting here: even Venice does not have as many bridges as Berlin!

Honeymoon in Romantic Berlin

Honeymoon in Romantic Berlin

After admiring this honeymoon destination, you can immerse into the rich urban nightlife and dance through the whole night just like the locals do.

If you want to indulge yourself even more during your honeymoon vacation, enjoying the activity which is popular among many tourists who travel to Berlin. Go to Friedrichstrasse for some designer boutiques and upscale dainties, or to Hackescher Market where you will find lots of unique items and something that will emphasize your own unique style. And when you need a little break from your shopping, go to Potsdamer Platz to sit back in a café and have a rest. After all, if you find one of those cheap honeymoon packages you will have the possibility to spend a little more on shopping and dining out, won’t you?

honeymoon in berlin

Finally, Berlin is a good place to have an interesting and vivid honeymoon, enjoying the urban vacation with all its advantages and conveniences, as well as activities and entertaining.

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