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Unforgettable time in Croatia

There are no doubts that Croatia is the best place in the whole world to spend a honeymoon vacation. To begin with, it is due to the facts that tourism is highly organized and developed and is still improving in this country. The number of tourists is rapidly increasing.

There are eight distinct tourist regions which you may want to know: Istria, Kvarner and Highlands, Dalmatia-Zadar , Dalmatia -Sibenik, Dalmatia-Split, Dalmatia – Dubrovnik, Central Croatia and Slavonia. Every region is worth visiting and seeing. You cannot but visit one of the best preserved Amphitheatres in Croatia and in the whole world as well. It is used nowadays for festivals, events and shows. There are some big hotels and resorts, villas and camps around the theater.

unforgettable croatian honeymoon

The famous Kvarner gulf makes beautiful scenery together with high mountains. There is a large range of luxurious resorts and hotels which are historical places at the same time with different historical monuments.

If you decided to spend your honeymoon vacations in Dalmatia – Zadar, you are in the very place you need. Remember that it is the yachting paradise with the largest city of Croatia – Zadar, built in the manner of structures made in the Roman times. Try to join some guided tours to different places of interest aboard boats. It is fantastic!

vacation in croatia

You can also visit every concert or festival organized here because you will see prominent artists, actors, singers and showmen here. Try to make as many photos as you can of everything beautiful you see: different castles, fortresses and churches ,baroque style buildings with unique monuments and structures. You can also join different street festivals and performances. Some musical stars can be seen here, too! Be sure your honeymoon travel will be a success.

romantic honeymoon in croatia

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