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How to spend your honeymoon in Istanbul?

If you want to meet a legend, you should travel to Istanbul Turkey. Standing on the border of two ancient cultures, this amazing city combines the most magnificent features of East and West. Istanbul is a huge cosmopolitan city with bustling streets and luminous neon lights which nevertheless managed to preserve that true Asian atmosphere you could only read about.

When you arrive here you instantly start feeling and enjoying that unforgettable atmosphere of passion, spices and exotics. Maybe, it is that unique feeling of the Eastern fairy-tale that lures thousands of newlyweds who travel to Istanbul for a fantastic honeymoon vacation.

romantic istanbul turkey

Naturally, visiting the world-known symbols of Turkey is a must. Going to Sultanhamet, the oldest quarter of the city, don’t forget to take your camera. Here you can either explore everything on your own, or take a guided tour over the place. You’d better combine both of these. Every Istanbul travel tour will take you to Hagia Sophia, an ancient spiritual building. Once a Christian sanctuary, now it is a mosque which will impress even the most experienced traveler. Don’t get befuddled by the exterior of it, just step inside – and adore the impressive mosaics and inscriptions which imbue you with that strange awe of ancient sanctuaries.

istanbul honeymoon vacation

You will also be guided to the majestic Sultanhamet Mosque with its minarets that seem to pierce the couds, Topkapi “Cannon Gate” Palace (the place where the Ottoman Sultans lived for centuries), and the Basilica Cistern which is an incredible example of the ancient engineering skills. Such impressive views of the city will make your honeymoon vacation the trip of your life.

Your honeymoon trip to Istanbul will never be complete unless you visit the Spice Bazaar. This kingdom of smells impresses every nose. You will never leave this market without buying some spices, herbs or dried fruits. For souvenirs, visit the Grand Bazaar, the biggest and most popular among tourists market in the city. Here you can find everything, from jewelery to slippers.

honeymoon shopping istanbul

If you are disco lovers and would like to spend a night or two in some modern nightclub, consider visiting the Istiklal Caddesi Street (which is considered to be the center of the city’s nightlife). You will have the time of your life there!

In general, traveling Istanbul is a good idea if you want to spend your honeymoon there. The unique mix of cultures and traditions will never leave you emotionless and will sweetly last in your memories forever.

beautiful romantic istanbul

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  1. Nona

    5 years ago

    I have recently spent two days in Istanbul and must admit that it is one of my most favourite cities in Europe. It is an insane city – full of life and chaos yet beautiful and dignified. I would definitely recommend visiting it- I have been there at least four times and feel that I have to see much more!


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