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Honeymoon in Slovakia: Better Than Ever

There is one place where you can find that unique atmosphere of the historical Europe, unspoiled by the numerous unnecessary developments and crowds of tourists. Slovakia, this small European reserve of the genuine European spirit, is always happy to welcome you for a romantic honeymoon.

Undoubtedly, you can visit different Italian locations, France or Germany, but you will not find any other country where you can witness the ancient folkways preserved as one of the most important cultural values. No other country can offer you such picturesque national parks in the mountains, where each picture you take is postcard-worthy.

Bratislava, the capital of this compact country, is a charming place to have a stroll through its cobbled streets during your honeymoon. If you are history admirers (and even if you’re not), this city will tell you a lot. The magnificent mix of the posh 18-th century buildings, weird communist architecture and modern design sound like a complete mess: but you really have to see it. Indeed, the city is very cozy and homely, especially when you visit at least some of those numerous cafes, each striving to be the best of the whole city.

travel to Bratislava

When you first see the High Tatras you immediately understand this is just what the doctor ordered for a romantic honeymoon vacation. White with snow in winter, green with lush forests in summer, these mountains always boast breathtaking views and stunning landscapes. The highest peak is Gerlachovsky stit (about 1.6 miles high), which is perfect for overlooking this beautiful country from its heights. If you are fond of hiking, climbing or skiing, you can experience it all during your honeymoon (just choose the correct season, of course).

If you want to dive into the medieval Europe, travel east. Here you will find ancient fortresses and small towns and feel like you are heroes of some historic book. Obviously, don’t miss the numerous taverns where you can taste some delicious local food and unique local drinks (like slivovica, plum alcoholic drink).

slovakia romantic honeymoon

Travel to Bardejov, which is another center of the medieval culture. Make sure you have enough space on your camera, as here your honeymoon vacation will turn into an unforgettable journey through time. The architecture here is so ancient and impressive that Bardejov is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. After a romantic stroll around the city go to Bardejovske Kupele to relax at a hotspring spa and feel all the beauty of this unspoiled heavenly part of Europe.

Although the Slovak language is the official one, most people here speak Russian. However, sometimes it can be pretty hard to find anybody who speaks English. So it’s a good idea to take a Russian phrasebook while traveling to Slovakia.

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    5 years ago

    I have never been to Slovakia. But I know that this place is quite good. Will you recommend me a nice lovely place there to stay for a week? Thank you.


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