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Honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast

Those who want to have a romantic honeymoon near the blue sea and at the same time enjoy the romance of Italy with its unique outlook and a bit laid-back attitude should definitely travel to Amalfi Coast. It is said to be the paradisiacal stretch of Mediterranean coast. Here your honeymoon becomes really special and unforgettable, emotional and romantic, magical and sweet.

It is also a very convenient location for spending your honeymoon, as it gives you numerous options of visiting different places and getting the unique experience everywhere. Whether you will go to Naples or Pompeii, or even Capri – each of these itineraries will be a perfect pearl in the beautiful necklace of your Italian honeymoon.

If you’ve already decided to travel to Amalfi Coast, consider going to Ravello, a small village on the cliffs along the coast. The only look at it brings you to the atmosphere of romance and idyll. In fact, it is not so far from truth – here you can really let your hair down and have the time of your life with your new spouse.

Perfect honeymoon in Positano

Perfect honeymoon in Positano

Positano is another village you’ll adore. Frequently when people talk about the Amalfi Coast they mean Positano. It is here where you can fully indulge yourselves during your romantic honeymoon: exquisite dishes, old wine, vertical streets, small buildings, prefect beaches… You could just dream about it! Don’t forget to arrange the romantic dinner and watch the sunset. What can be better for a perfect honeymoon?

Procida is an isolated town placed on the island of the same name. Having arrived here you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Or to the fairyland. Multicolored small buildings perched on the coastline, small boats floating nearby, and benevolent locals: everything here nearly strikes a tourist.

romantic honeymoon destination

Finally, after you travel to Amalfi Coast once, you will never leave the idea of visiting it again and again. Be sure: here you’ll have the most romantic honeymoon in the world!

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  1. Luce

    6 years ago

    Last year we were in Positano. We stayed at the Hotel Eden Roc Suite. The design of this hotel was quite interesting. It is situated in the rock – and I don’t joke. The architect of this hotel decided to build it in the rock not far from the water. So when you swim in the swimming pool you feel as a part of this beautiful nature. Right near the swimming pool you can find a big part of rock. And the whole design is concerned on being a part of nature. Big open terrace helps you to feel the fresh sea air and see the great view of Positano. 


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