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Honeymoon Vacation in Porto

Porto (also called Oporto) is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon – and one of the oldest cities there as well. It is perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds seeking place where ancient traditions and unique atmosphere go with modern technologies and amenities.

Porto is the city where you can observe this mix in its best realization – and even more! It is also known as Port Wine. Why? The reason is that you will find wine everywhere – visiting traditional Porto cellars and warehouses, different wine tastings or just any Porto’s restaurant, where you will be treated with delicious famous Portuguese wine accompanying excellent dinner. Yes, Porto honeymoon will become really paradisiacal for foodies as there are all kinds of restaurants – traditional and trendy, offering you Portuguese, Italian, Asian, Brazilian, Indian and many other cuisines. Nice opportunity to have different menus for every honeymoon breakfast, lunch or dinner in Porto. By the way, speaking about food – don’t leave Porto until you try famous “francesinha” (a beef sandwich covered in cheese and flavoured with special sauce). Mind that there are different recopies – and all of them are really tasty!

romantic honeymoon dinner in Porto

Then, you will not leave Porto without great honeymoon souvenirs which you can find in different shops actually at every corner. Modern boutiques in old buildings, book stores, markets and traditional shops… The diversity of choices won’t disappoint you.

What do happy newlyweds need during their honeymoon vacation in a city like Porto – ancient and modern, traditional and convivial…?  Of course, they want to have a possibility to stroll hand in hand around picturesque streets and enjoy the beauty of the world. Porto is the city with rich history, which is reflected in its extraordinary architecture and stunning sceneries. All these churches, palaces, towers, fountains and other buildings that are carefully kept will impress you greatly! Also must be mentioned 6 beautiful bridges over the Douro River – real adornment of the city. And if you find good viewpoint (actually there are many of them) your honeymoon album will be full of excellent photos.

The Ribeira

Obviously, you can’t miss the opportunity to see the Ribeira – the city’s famous riverfront. It is UNESCO World Heritage Site – and when you will stroll around illuminated narrow winding streets exploring ancient monuments, you will understand why this place got its status.

And finally: it goes without saying that such a city as Porto must provide its visitors with accommodations for people of any taste and financial status. So, there is a great deal of accommodations: from cozy guesthouses to luxurious 5 star hotels. It won’t be a problem to find appropriate apartments for your romantic honeymoon vacation in Porto.

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