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Honeymoon With American Queen Steamboat Company

Great news! Since April of 2012 you have a unique opportunity to enjoy romantic honeymoon journey aboard authentic paddlewheel steamboat American Queen. Steam boating has become cherished American tradition intensified by Mark Twain’s masterpieces. And now American Queen Steamboat Company revived this tradition, offering its guests even more!

What are the attributes of steamboat experience? What do honeymooners should expect?

First of all, your honeymoon will be provided with the exceptional level of historical enrichment. River cruises on the Mississippi River, Ohio and Tennessee look like travelling on a time-machine – you will explore the heartland of America, enjoying breathtaking lectures of historians and stories of regional authors about Native American tribes. And don’t forget about taking part in thrilling shore excursions!

Romantic honeymoon aboard American Queen

Then, comfort. This means that no matter what type and category of stateroom you will choose – inside cabin, outside stateroom or outside stateroom with verandah – you will be enveloped by the beauty of Victorian interior and perfect service. Every stateroom is the example of elegance, full of excellent furniture. Moreover, they are very spacious, allowing happy honeymooners to enjoy magnificent views of the river – and, of course, other privileges that honeymoon vacation gives you.

But American Queen can offer you not only perfect relaxing  journey and excursions. Every evening you may enjoy the play of a different celebration of America’s best music – Broadway hits, Dixieland Jazz, ragtime, rock and roll, etc. All you have to do – just visit Queen’s Grand Saloon and take delight in the show.

American Queen's Accomodations

Dining aboard the American Queen also has gained a new level of quality. Regina Charboneau, celebrated American chef, is doing her best to please all visitors’ tastes. Be sure that your romantic honeymoon evenings will be as best as possible.

All in all, this appealing river cruise is the best choice for honeymooners who want to experience American traditions in their best representation.

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