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How to spend your honeymoon in Rome

Every schoolchild knows much from his or her Geography and History lessons about such country as Italy and especially about its capital, Rome. Its geography is perfect. As for its history, it ‘s complicated and great. But we will speak about another Rome, from the point of view of a tourist. Or two of them. Being in love. We will speak about the romantic Rome which is completely different for the happy honeymooners.

This city is full of beautiful places of interest and different things to do. Sometimes you think you couldn’t even imagine them. It is really difficult to stop admiring these, for example, great ancient monuments: Forum, Colosseum and Pantheon. They do make a great impression on you. You will be able to get an unforgettable experience of exploring the underground catacombs, to watch all those unusual treasures there.

amazing rome honeymoon

By the way, it is a holy city. People of different religions arrive to Vatican to admire its incredible spiritual treasures. For those who like to taste delicious food, it is the very place to visit. You will for sure be pleased by Italian cuisine. Small and cozy restaurants, open-air cafes are pleasant places for talking and making friends with Italian people. By the way, Italians are very friendly and communicative, they are very easy and pleasant to deal with.

rome packages

You have already decided to spend your honeymoon vacation in this splendid city, haven’t you? If it is so, you are not mistaken. Beautiful Rome theaters and Opera houses, cinemas, galleries and museums will charm and amaze you. Tourism is greatly developed in Italy and it is expected to attract more and more visitors annually. For sure, there is a lot to do and see in Rome and your romantic honeymoon will be the most unforgettable time of your lives.

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