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Jamaica is waiting for you!

There is no more country in the world like Jamaica. It is perhaps the best we can see and speak of in the Caribbean sea. It’s strange but frequently the native people know about it less then the foreigners do. Nevertheless this mysterious island remains still unknown either both for Jamaicans and for tourists.

Anyway, we are to remember that everything is more than beautiful there — its people, rivers and mountains, beaches. As for its culture, customs and national traditions, they are very original.

The main and the best town in this area is Ocho Rios. It seems that it is a comfortable microcountry in itself with a lot of take away cook shops, cozy cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. Here one can see many tourists and those who came to the beautiful island to spend their honeymoon vacations.

jamaica romantic honeymoon

It is really a fantastic place to spend a romantic honeymoon. Everything is for you here: comfortable and luxurious hotels with complimentary breakfast (frequently presenting special offers for the newlyweds who come to celebrate their honeymoon here), airport pick-up and drop-off etc.

You will be overwhelmed by exciting attractions, reduced prices, a lot of free time to spend on the well equipped beaches and to relax. Around the town there are amazing attractions: Dunn River Falls, Dolphin Cove and Mystic Moutain. They are definitely worth seeing during your honeymoon vacation in Jamaica.

jamaica honeymoon packages

Have you ever heard of Oracabessa Bay Area? It simply must be visited. It is situated not very far from Ocho Rios. To the east of Oracabessa there are wonderful places to visit: Port Maria, Port Antonio and the Blue Mountains. Everybody is supposed to add the Blue Mountains to their sightseeing plans. Come and enjoy amazing Jamaican views! Perhaps nothing can be better for a romantic honeymoon.

And one more detail: if you like reptiles, you will be able to watch them as much as you want in the Oracabessa Bay Area. There are many turtles there and they are protected by law here.

Enjoy Jamaica

Enjoy Jamaica

The views are breathtaking everywhere and you will definitely remember them forever, always enjoying the memories about your honeymoon in Jamaica. You will for sure have a lot to tell your relatives and friends after returning home. It’s a very pleasant place to visit, isn’t it?

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