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Kauai: Hawaiian Paradise

Kauai (pronounced “kah-why”) is the northernmost and oldest of the Hawaiian islands. This beautiful place, formed millennia ago by an ancient volcano, has always been a heavenly place.  Originally settled by the Polynesian seafarers over fifteen centuries ago, the place is known as “The Garden Isle” for the lushness of its greenery.

Today it is one of the most popular destination spots for Hawaii vacation;  people flock here to celebrate their birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or honeymoons. Here you will escape large shopping centers, busy streets,  or traffic; it seems to be just what the doctor ordered for a laid-back vacation after the hectic time of wedding planning.

Kauai consists of five areas: West Side, North Shore, Coconut Coast, Lihue/ Kalapaki, and South Shore.  Although some parts of the Island have a reputation of being wet due to almost constant rain, in reality, each area has its own microclimate. Gentle winds keep humidity under control and when it does rain (mainly at nights), you will be able to see beautiful rainbow.

West Shore is truly a place where you can forget all your everyday troubles and immerse in the atmosphere of the constant relaxation and celebration. The 20 mile long beach ensures you to find the place to enjoy the sun and the sea in the most relaxed and carefree way.

unforgettable views of hawaii

However, if you want to do some sightseeing and enjoy the rich Hawaii nature, go to the North Shore. Here you will enjoy rainforest and stunning views. Don’t forget to bring along your camera!

Actually, visiting spectacular Wailua Falls is a must in Kauai.  You must also visit the cave and Fern Grotto which are popular among tourists. Don’t forget about the fantastic golf courses in Kauai! If you are enthusiastic golfers, you will think you went to heaven. But if you are only beginners, you can easily ask qualified instructors to help both of you – and you will quickly become Hawaiian golf legends!

rich nature of kauai

Didn’t we mention the Grand canyon of Hawaii? Its official name is Waimea Canyon, and it is 4000 feet deep and 10 miles wide. It is worth to travel to Kauai just to see this natural wonder. What is more, if you like hiking, you can easily arrange a hiking activity here as it is quite popular among tourists in this place.

Surely, don’t forget about amazing diving opportunities! The warm and tranquil waters welcome you to dive in and explore the magnificent underwater world with schools of exotic fish, octopuses and other underwater flora and fauna which is really rich here.

Unforgettale Vacation In Kauai

Unforgettale Vacation In Kauai

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  1. Eugene

    5 years ago

    Hawaii… that’s really paradise! Fantastic place for honeymoon, only you, your darling and water around… It’s a dream, it’s a fairy tale!!!


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