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Kavala: Not That Simple Town

 Hi there!

As you remember, I came to Kavala by sea and planned to go straightly to Saint Eustratius island right after one night in the town. But not all of our plans are designed to come true the way we thought. The point is that the next morning I went to the port to buy tickets for the ferry boat. While waiting for my turn in the line, I got to talk with a man next to me. Actually, it was he who started the conversation.

The man was interested in who I am and what ticket I want to purchase. Then he said that I must have already seen all the interesting places near Kavala. And started listing them. To cut a long story short, by the moment it was my turn to speak to the cashier I’ve already decided to stay in Kavala for a few days more.

First of all, I went to the hotel in which I stayed last night to book the room again and then to the nearest cafe to learn more about the sights. Actually I needed not only coffee and free Wi-Fi, but also some electricity to charge my phone (I must have been too tired in the evening that completely forgot about it). Thank God, there were electrical sockets – but none of them placed near my table. Luckily my Volts Lightning Cable was long enough to reach the closest socket.

So the town I considered to be boring, actually wasn’t that ordinary. It appeared to be 14 centuries old. It’s first name was Neapolis (“new town”), than it was changed to Christupolis (“town of Christ”). For many centuries this Greek city was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. That was exactly the time the old tower was built on the basis of the old Byzantine palace in the Old town. In the same period the beautiful aqueduct was built in the city by the order of Sultan Suleiman I.

Kavala is also famous as the place of Muhammad Ali’s birth. You might think I’m talking about the boxer. But actually it was the ruler of Egypt who lived in 18th-19th centuries. During the time of his government Egypt developed very quickly. Muhammad founded his own dynasty that reigned up to 1953. In Kavala Ali built Imaret that now functions as a luxurious 5-star hotel.

I’ve also visited Kavala’s town hall. Previously it used to be the house of the Hungarian tobacco seller Pierre Herzog. It was designed as a miniature copy of the Hungarian castle. That’s why today this building seems to be completely unsuitable with the rest of buildings in Kavala. But it is still a very beautiful building.

I’ve also got to know about archeological, ethnographical and tobacco museums in the town. But that would be too much for one day. Anyway, I’m going to visit all of these (or at least a part of them) tomorrow. As well as to go to the ancient settlement nearby called Philippi. It would be a sin not to see such place on my way!

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3 Comments → “ Kavala: Not That Simple Town ”

  1. Amanda

    9 months ago

    Wow wow wow wanna go there with my love man ooohhhs love it yeahh❤️❤️❤️


    • admin

      9 months ago

      Good luck, Amanda!


  2. Sandro M.

    9 months ago

    OMG! Thank you for this guys!


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