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Key West Miami

If you are a newlywed couple not knowing where to go for honeymoon as you have tight budget and seek for cheap honeymoon packages which will suit your taste, Key West is the best choice for you.

You yourself can design your honeymoon to suite you most, as you can either a relaxing or active holiday, with different combinations of these two. You can be sure you’ll enjoy delicious food, active nightlife, and a wide range of romantic activities for the newlywed couples.

There is a wide range of accommodations to choose in Key West. You can choose a room in a hotel and enjoy the spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico from your window.

Have your honeymoon in Key West

Have your honeymoon in Key West

Or you can spend your honeymoon in a small cottage in the center of the Old Town. Here you will be enjoying fresh flowers, free champagne, and dine in the ritzy Key West restaurants. You will be also offered to have a romantic evening meeting the sunset on a yacht – you will definitely like it!

As you’ve already understood, adoring the sunset at sea is one of the most romantic and enjoyable activities here. Special sunset cruises, which last up to three hours for you to derive the most pleasure of it, are especially developed for such romance seekers as you.

Furthermore, don’t be shy if you want to make the most of the sunset, you can climb the roof-top of some building – the evening will turn out to be even more romantic that on the yacht!

Of course, you can explore the city on foot, but it’s much more fun to ride a Conch Train Tour – imagine yourself riding a little toy train! Otherwise, you can hire a bike or a scooter, as it will be even more fun to take a look at the city.

On no account should you miss the night Duval Street, as shopping and eating out here is a really fun and unforgettable experience.

romantic honeymoon key west

Of course, you can enjoy yourself on the warm sandy beach, forgetting about all the troubles of everyday life, especially those of the recent doubts about where to go for honeymoon or how to choose the best cheap honeymoon packages. The only your doubt here will be where to go sunbathing today.

It is pretty easy to get to Key West, as it is only 164 miles from Miami. You will not get lost.

If you are planning your honeymoon beforehand, consider that the period from July to November is a hurricane season.

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2 Comments → “ Key West Miami ”

  1. Ramon

    6 years ago

    I am studying at Italy and I am Italian. Last year I decided to take part in the Work and travel program. So I went to the USA. To my surprise, the organization deals with beach patrol at Miami))) First thoughts were about girls and islands. For first month I worked hard there and earned some money to travel to an island. I has chosen Key West Miami. This Island was very special for me, because my favorite author Ernest Hemingway lived here. I bought a special excursion to some places of interest. My aim was Ernest Hemingway’s House. When I saw it I realized the simplicity and openness of author. Ernest’s house inspired me to tidy up my room and to put in order my stuff at home. Because the atmosphere where you live is really important and can help you to create a masterpiece as “The Old Man and the Sea”.


  2. Kaleb Hashi

    6 years ago

    We were going to have a rest in Key West first by plane and then by car. That’s nice that you can book a car beforehand and it will be waiting for your arrival, you can even choose the auto you like. By the way, the rental agency there is situated apart from the main building of the airport in a nice puck-shaped building. Speaking about our rest the thing which impressed me most was that a great crowds of people come to Mallory quay to enjoy the sunset. We came too and while waiting for this event we tasted Cuban coffee. But the sunset was really wonderful! My wife liked that all so much that took me there almost everyday until I showed her the sunset from the desolate beach. We lied on the white sand and drank champagne.


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