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Kristina Cruises

Finnish family-owned company Kristina Cruises is very popular in Finland, and partly in Russia. This cruise line has considerable experience in cruise business. During the years of its operation, the number of destinations has increased. If you are looking for a unique honeymoon travel destination,  this company can offer you more than 70 ports of call in the Northern Europe and the Mediterranean some of which cannot be found in the itineraries of other cruise companies, such as Norwegian fjords, ports of the Baltic Sea like Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, etc. Others are quite common – the East coast of Africa, the Caribbean, and Canary Islands.

Here are some things one needs to consider when booking a tour with Kristina Cruises.  First of all, only breakfast is included in the cruise fare. The reason why dinner is excluded is because most passengers tend to dine ashore during stays in the ports of call. Alternatively, one can order a dinner in the onboard restaurant or cafes and pay separately.

honeymoon travel kristina cruises

Secondly, the company conveniently offers packages  such as “flight from Helsinki and cruise”. This way you can start your cruise right in Finland.

Thirdly, one of the Kristina Cruises’ vessels – Katarina-is relatively small – it can board only a few hundred passengers.  This is great news for those couples who are looking for less crowded tours. At the same time, keep in mind that cabins also tend to be smaller than those on modern cruise ships.

Despite the fact that Kristina Katarina is not very large, it has all the necessary amenities. You can enjoy a swimming pool and sauna free of charge as well as a spa, jacuzzi and a shop.

kristina katarina cheap cruise packages

This cruise line is excellent for those couples who like calmer, more peaceful atmosphere. You will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy sunset and dawn in tranquility– a very intimate honeymoon experience, don’t you think so?

The crew speaks Finnish, but it can communicate in English as well. The only issue is that the shore excursions are provided mainly in Finnish and, sometimes, Russian.

To sum up, you should choose Kristina Cruises if you are looking for an affordable Northern-European travel package and a peaceful atmosphere.

Finally, do not forget warm clothes –sometimes it gets quite cold!

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  1. Jeremy

    6 years ago

    When I first heard about cruises I was thinking that it is not interesting and people on board feel themselves as animals in cages. I am a businessman and I travel a lot during my routine daily activity. This time I decided to travel with my girlfriend Nancy. We bought tickets to cruise in the Baltic Sea. We have seen Gotland, Hiiumaa, Saaremaa, Bornholm and Aland islands. It was peaceful time we spent together. I understood that I am sick and tired of those glamour places and islands with palms and ladies. After that cruise I want to visit such places like Caucasus mountains and Georgia country. By the way, we are from USA but our relatives live at Poland and Russia. I recommend to use such cruises as they can inspire for some new actions.


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